Qatar Airways Seems To Be Honoring Those Ridiculously Cheap Business Class Fares

Every once in a while a great airfare deal comes along that almost seems too good to be true.  Sometimes, it’s a really awesome sale.  Other times, it’s a mistake fare.

I’m still not sure what those Qatar Airways business class fares were from a few days ago.  I’d lean towards mistake fare.

At any rate, it seems like Qatar Airways is honoring these tickets, though in a slightly weird sort of way.  For a while, it seemed if you put your reservation on hold and then ticketed, those reservations were canceled.  Now, it seems that those reservations are mostly being reinstated.  And, anyone who ticketed seems to be fine.

Folks who put reservations on hold appear to have had their reservations canceled.  That’s not terribly surprising to me.

I seriously contemplated buying a few of these to earn back American Airlines Executive Platinum status next year.  It’ll be the first time in a decade that I’ll likely be without EXP status, though it somewhat depends on this decision.

Cheap Business Class Fares

The Final Two Pennies

Deals like this don’t come up as often as they used to.  While there are certainly ways to get burned, you’re generally going to be safe booking one of these.  If it arrives or departs an airport in the US, you’ll have 24 hours to cancel.  The golden rule when you see a fare like this is to book quickly and ask questions later.

Happy travels to everyone who managed to book these!

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  1. I’ll think you’ll find that only tickets that have a departure origin from the USA qualify for free cancellation within 24hrs. If the ticket originates somewhere else for travel into the USA, the airline is not obliged to offer a free cancellation within 24hrs

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