I Need Your Help. What Do You Guys Think Of Guest Posts?

I need your help.  Pizza in Motion has been virtually all of my labor of love over the last 6 years.  I’ve written almost 3000 posts (wow!) and other than a few from my lovely wife, everything you guys see here has been written by yours truly.

I feel like I have a strong connection with my readers.  I truly enjoy hearing from readers, responding to questions, helping people figure out the wonderful world of travel.

I recently featured a guest post about travel apps.

John from Pre Travels asked me if he could write something for my readers (and me for his).  I never got around to writing something for his readers, I’m too busy with work, family and trying to find a few minutes of each day to talk to you, my “faithful readers”.

Well, John was pretty persistent about writing a guest post for me.  Turns out it was a good thing he was.  He covered some apps in his post I’d never heard of.  And, his post did really well.  Plenty of you guys clicked on it.

It’s important to note I have no intention of turning my blog into a haven for a bunch of posts written by folks you’ve never heard of.

But, I am curious.  Is there a “Goldilocks” version of guest posts that’s just the right fit for my blog?

Please vote in my Twitter poll (and follow me there for lots of donut pictures and other fun stuff).

And, feel free to leave a detailed comment here as well.

While I think of Pizza in Motion as my blog, each of you gets a bit of say.

As always, thanks for reading what I write.  It’s truly flattering to see the number grow on how many people read my blog.  I can still remember the first day my blog broke 100 posts, writing about the Dulles AeroTrain 8 years ago.

Things have grown quite a bit since.  I still pinch myself when I see the numbers.

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  1. I can’t even tell half the time. Like at Frequent Miler. I know there are two writers, but I can’t even figure out how to tell who’s who.

  2. It really depends on the written article. You may have to edit it or at least review it to guarantee that the writer didn’t “betray” the spirit contained in you blog. Tough there’s always a slim chance that an article you thought was good, some readers would think, “what a junk!” or worse, “Ed would’ve never been like this. Who is this person anyway”. If you manage the abovementioned risk well, I think it would be awesome. A different views or perspectives are always welcomed

  3. A guest post as long as the content is meaningful is helpful. To that extent I agree with heavenlyjane. Regarding Nathan’s comment I read the post from a few different individuals. Although I would most likely lose a bet, you can tell who is posting by the type of content in many cases. Some focus more on other topics than others with a mix up every once in a while. I also must have missed the Apps post, would have been interesting to read. Email in general has been overwhelming lately,

  4. It’s not an easy thing to do, but overall I think it can help the blog to have a different perspective from time to time. The guest posters have to bring some different value or take a new angle at the same idea in order for it to be worth posting.

    Ben at OMAAT has done this well with a couple of his guest posters, but a couple of them aren’t very good. I say it’s worth trying out and seeing what the feedback is!

  5. I think guest posts are just fine. But I like to know who wrote the post before I click it, even if it is just designated as guest post. There are some writers I am happy to read, and others I’d rather skip interns of managing my time. Frankly, some blogs are getting so many writers, that I feel like they are losing their point of view a bit.

  6. As Kate mentioned, I also like to know who wrote the post before I click on it. I read your blog because I enjoy your style of writing and connect with your content. So while I wouldn’t mind reading a post from a guest blogger on your blog occasionally, it is you (and sometimes your wife) that keeps me reading.

  7. A few guest posts are fine. They are much better if from a friend or family member. One thing that bloggers and pod-caster’s miss many times is what I call the “soap opera” effect. That is the personal side is what keeps many coming back. That is why we like trip reports, stories about entering some contest at home with the wife and kids involved, etc. So basically I expect you to stay on topic roughly around travel so I would be disinterested to see a guest post about politics or some far off topic unless there was a true travel tie in. Just my opinion.

    1. Dan, I REALLY enjoy writing about my family and our travels. Even when I write about more general topics, I like to try to connect it to how I travel. I appreciate that same quality from other bloggers. Thanks for weighing in!

  8. Hi, Ed, great that you asked the readers’ opinions. 🙂 I think a guest post now and then would be fine.


    When you are in Denver again, let me know so I can buy you a drink since I am no longer able to attend your events in the D.C. area.

  9. Personally, I’m not interested in guest posts here at all. There are blogs that specialize in ‘general’ content where they make sense (OMAAT, TPG), but outside of the large ones, people are reading because they are interested in the blogger’s personal views.

    Beyond OMAAT, I have exactly 4 bloggers in my RSS feed: you, Gary, Summer and Seth. I read each because you have unique views on travel that I find interesting. But I couldn’t care less about the views of a guest writer.

    1. Ryan, I say this with 100% honesty, not trying to blow smoke up your, ahem. I think that it’s pretty awesome I’m one of only 5 blogs in your RSS feed. Given all the blogs out there, I’m thankful!

  10. To answer your question, I think that guest posts are fine if they complement your style and voice, without imitating it. I think there are a number of good travel blogs that succeed at this: One Mile at a Time, TPG, Mommy Points (Summer’s dad’s “Grandpa Points” is a hoot) are ones I can think of immediately. However, there is one that I unsubscribed from where there was no consistent voice, and a smattering of talent including one where just one writer was so clueless and self-promoting that I couldn’t stand seeing his name any more! So yes, but be careful?!

    BTW, i really enjoy your columns, including sharing that great one-day sale of Briggs & Reilly at Amazon. I couldn’t say no at those prices!

    1. Brochite, thanks for the comments. I love the Grandpa Points posts, too! I picked up an idea from one for our last vacation. Glad you like the columns. That was a great Briggs sale. If you bought something through one of my links, I greatly appreciate it. I haven’t seen prices like that on some of those suitcases pretty much ever.

  11. Can the person making the offer write well? Is the information he is offering on topic for your blogs? Is the info fresh?

    If the answer to all of these questions is “yes”, grab his post quicker than you would a free pizza diavolo with a glass of Bardolino on Via Mazzini in Verona!

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