How To Earn Starbucks Gold From Just One Cup Of Coffee!

My wife loves coffee.  She’s probably not all the way to hardcore addict, but she loves her morning cup of coffee.  Or two.  Usually not three.

She’ll be really happy to read that she can earn Starbucks Gold status for a full year with one Starbucks purchase by the end of July.

Earn Starbucks Gold

Mommy Points covers this deal about how to get a bunch of free benefits from Starbucks.

I love Mommy Points.  She’s one of my favorite people (and favorite bloggers).  And, now she’s scored free Starbucks Gold for my wife!

Earn Starbucks Gold

Since 2012! 😛

What does Starbucks Gold get you?

You’ll earn a free drink every time you accrue 125 stars.  And, Starbucks features monthly double star days for Gold members.  I’m Starbucks Gold and I also find I get better bonus star offers in my Starbucks app than my wife does.

The Final Two Pennies

Starbucks Gold status won’t change your life (unless you’re a coffee addict).  But, it does offer some cool extras for even the occasional Starbucks customer.  And, it costs next to nothing to try it out free for a year.  So, what are you waiting for?

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