Whoa! These Are Some Of The Coolest Headphones I’ve Seen!

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Headphones are essential for business travelers.  I’ve tried a whole lot of headphones over the years.  There have been plenty of bad ones and a few good ones.  The three hallmarks of great headphones for me?  Small, great sound quality and battery life.

One of my favorite technology companies is showing off something that looks pretty badass to me, and at a cheaper price.

Anker has a Kickstarter campaign for their new Zolo+ Liberty headphones.  For the time being, you can save $50 on the cost of the headphones.  They’ve suggested a retail price of $149, but the Kickstarter price is $99.  There are also some other special packages if you want multiple pairs, car chargers, etc.

Coolest Headphones

Now, I’m a big fan of Anker batteries.  You can read through my detailed breakdown of how long their batteries last.

They do a very good job of standing behind their products with great warranties as well.

I’m definitely interested in completely wireless headphones.  I haven’t bought a pair of AirPods yet.  Generally, I regard Apple products as extremely high quality.  They would normally be the first product I’d test in a category if they had an entry.

In this case, though, the Zolo seems to have a few things going for it that Apple’s version doesn’t.  For starters, the Zolo is advertised as being waterproof.

Coolest HeadphonesAnother concern I have with AirPods is that I don’t really like the shape of their standard headphone/earbud now.  They don’t fit in my ear well and the AirPod is pretty similar.  The Zolo Liberty appears to be more similar to the Bose headphones I use in that they have a rubber flange that fits into the upper ear. And, I really don’t like the cable on the back of the neck with most of the existing “wireless” headphones.

Coolest HeadphonesThe Downside?

The only downside I see in theory is that the battery life on the Zolo is 3.5 hours, versus 5 for the AirPods.  The battery life on the carrying case for the Zolo gives you double the battery life of the AirPods.  But, that’s a bit less convenient for longer phone calls.  My primary use is definitely phone, not listening to music for long periods of time.

The Final Two Pennies

The Anker Zolo Liberty is really intriguing to me.  The design looks really functional for my needs.  The fact that it’s discounted for early access on Kickstarter and is backed by a large company (not to mention that the Kickstarter campaign is well beyond its goal) makes this one appealing to me.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be plunking down some cash to get early access.

Note: these are referral links for the Kickstarter campaign that I earn rewards on.  If enough of my readers support this campaign I might earn myself a free pair of Zolo+ Liberty headphones!

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