A Bit More Info On Delta Early Valet, Loading Your Carry-On Bags For Free

Delta Air Lines is in their third year of a pretty cool service, Early Valet.  As I noted in my earlier post, Delta will load your carry-on bag above your seat for free.  It’s only in a limited number of markets right now.

Delta Early Valet

I reached out to the folks at Delta to get some more information.  It’s clear I’m behind the times if this is their third year and I’m just hearing about it.  They originally rolled it out with the intent to speed up boarding.  Now, they focus more on helping families with young children.  As someone who’s been through that, I can’t tell you how valuable an extra set of hands is.

Early Valet is free but you can’t book it ahead of time.  Gate agents will ask for volunteers prior to boarding in the gate area.

Delta has a video that explains a bit more and offers a few summer travel tips.


The service is currently available at 8 airports for the summer:

  • Atlanta
  • Detroit
  • Minneapolis
  • New York-LGA
  • New York-JFK
  • Salt Lake City
  • Seattle
  • Washington, DC-DCA

Delta Early Valet

The Final Two Pennies

I really do love this sort of innovation by Delta.  So many recent incidents enforce the norm with airlines.  Subpar service and combative staff are par for the course.  Meanwhile, Delta has rolled out a service that I bet will surprise and delight quite a few customers this summer, when travel is busiest.  Delta’s recent promotion where they’re giving donuts away in cities across the country is another example of fun things Delta seems to be doing a good job at right now.

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        1. They’re paid just like regular employees. The only difference is the periods of the year that they work. They’re certainly not unionized.

    1. DaninMCI, I don’t think those DL employees are union. I think they have some union folks, but not many. They’re obviously paid similarly to their union brethren at American and United.

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