Marriott Announces Summer Promotion, Encourages Playing The Field

Marriott has announced their next promotion, Infinite Points.  It starts May 27th and runs through September 4, 2017.  They’re taking an interesting approach to this promotion.

Marriott has been quick to provide additional benefits to both Marriott and SPG members after the acquisition was finalized.  They quickly announced the ability to transfer points back and forth and a status match program as well.  They even coordinated promotions across all three programs.

Unlike the most recent promotions, Marriott, SPG and Ritz-Carlton all have different promotions this time around.  You can see my head-to-head comparison of the Marriott and SPG promos here.

Marriott Announces Summer Promotion

Registration is now open for the Marriott promotion and is required before you can start earning.  It makes sense to go ahead and register now so you don’t forget if plans change later.  Here’s what they’re offering:

  • 2,000 bonus points for each stay during the promo period, starting with your second stay.
  • An additional 2,000 bonus points for each brand you stay at, after your first brand.

Marriott Announces Summer Promotion

That makes it possible to earn 4,000 bonus points on your second stay.  For example, let’s say your first stay in the promo period is at a Towneplace Suites.  If your second stay is at a Fairfield Inn, that stay would earn 4,000 points.  If it was at a Towneplace Suites, it would only earn 2,000 points.

There’s no limit on earning, so members can earn at least 2,000 bonus points on additional stays, and 4,000 points if they can stay at a bunch of different brands.  Given how many brands Marriott has (18, holy cow) it won’t be hard for travelers to rack up some bonus points.

I generally value Marriott Rewards points somewhere less than a penny each.  That will come into play as we compare this promotion to the SPG and Ritz promos.  I’ll be posting about that shortly.

If we compare this to the previous Marriott promotion, that offered double points on all stays, limited to your first 3 stays.  Most Marriott properties earn 10 points per dollar on room charges.  If we focus on those hotels, a $200 stay would yield 2,000 bonus points.  That means the new promo, Infinite Points, is more rewarding for cheaper and shorter stays.  If you can qualify for the 4,000 points at different brands, that means you’re likely to earn a bit more.

Will you be doing some hotel hopping for Marriott Rewards points this summer?

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