I’m Giving One Lucky Reader Hyatt Globalist Elite Status For One Year!

If you follow along with my blog on a regular basis, you know I’m a big fan of the Hyatt program.  I’ve been a Hyatt Diamond (now Globalist) member for the past 8 years or so.  During that time, I’ve enjoyed scores of upgrades, plenty of great customer service and lots of free vacations in exchange for my business travel.  I also recently finished off Lifetime Diamond, er, Globalist status.  I’m pretty pumped about that!

Hyatt Globalist Elite Status

Hyatt rolled out a bunch of changes last month, rebranding their loyalty program World of Hyatt.  With that rollout came some changes to top-tier (Globalist) status.  Going forward, folks who stay 60 nights per year (55 nights when you re-qualify) will receive the following benefits:

  • Four confirmed suite upgrades per year, including on award stays (the award stay part is new).
  • Complimentary upgrade to the best available room at check-in, including standard suites
  • 4pm guaranteed late check-out, except for a handful of properties.
  • Club lounge access on paid and award stays. You’re entitled to complimentary breakfast for up to two adults and two children in the hotel restaurant if there’s no club.
  • Guaranteed room inventory if booking at least 48 hours in advance.
  • 30% bonus points earned on most spending on property (valet parking, alcohol excluded).
  • Two free United Club passes each year.
  • Milestone gifts (10,000 points or an additional suite upgrade) for staying 70, 80, 90 and 100 nights in a calendar year.
  • Free parking, kinda like Monopoly.  Free self-parking, that is.
  • No resort fees on both paid and award stays (yay!).

That’s Great, Ed.  What About The Giveaway?

They reached out to me and offered up a free year of Hyatt Globalist status for one lucky reader.  There is a catch.  It’s not a big one, considering the status is free.

You won’t get the free night or suite upgrades.  As well, you won’t get a My Hyatt Concierge or a lower re-qualification number for next year.  But, you will get everything else.  I’ve already heard some folks reporting complimentary suite upgrades on their stays.

Just the breakfast benefit alone can save a ton of cash.  One example was our unbelievable stay at Park Hyatt Paris Place Vendome.  I can’t imagine I’d ever willingly pay $50 for breakfast, but this was one of  the best breakfasts I’ve ever had, and totally free.  Or, Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile, where we enjoyed evening Champagne to go along with great morning treats.

How To Enter

There are two paths to entry, and you can choose EITHER or BOTH:

  1.  Tell me how you’ll put Hyatt Globalist status to good use.  Maybe it’s trips with your family, or just exploring the world on your own.  Leave a comment here telling me what Globalist status would mean for your next year of travel.
  2. There are 3 ways to earn extra entries:
    1. Sign-up for my mailing list.  Don’t worry, if you’re already signed up, it won’t sign you up again.
    2. Follow me on Twitter.
    3. Follow me on Instagram (you’ll see lots of donuts).
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You should see a frame above for the free bonus entries.  If not, just clicky this little link right here and you’ll be all set!

You have until 11:59pm on Sunday, April 9th to enter via any and all of these methods.  All decisions by me are final.  I am not receiving any compensation or other special goodies from Hyatt in conjunction with this or any other material on my blog.  I’m just happy to be able to give a great gift to one lucky reader!

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  1. I am a tournament tennis player and this status would a lot to me since I could actually afford all the trips to the tournaments due to the very useful breakfast benefit. I imagine I would also stay only in hyatt hotels which would actually help hyatt out a tiny bit. I’ll mention your name if I ever get famous ☺

  2. I am planning a trip to Europe with my wife in August, and it would be awesome to have some extra perks at Hyatt!

  3. Have stays in Japan and London this year with Hyatt, would love a chance at a suite. I mostly use Chase UR to book so no status currently 🙁

  4. Hey,

    I am planning a surprise trip for my wife to Maldives and since Hyatt has an excellent property there, this status will save me tons of cash on food and also provide an upgrade to make it a memorable trip for us 🙂

  5. Globalist status will allow me to have an awesome vacation in Hyatt Recency Hakone.
    They have an awesome breakfast there.

  6. I am going to Europe for two weeks this summer then australia at the end of this year, and many conferences in u.s. cities through out the year too. It would be awesome to have some Hyatt perks =)

  7. Hi Ed,
    I am traveling to Korea and Japan later this year and would love to use the status at the Park Hyatt in Seoul and Tokyo for me and my fiancé.
    Thank you,

  8. My wife and I will be staying at at least 3, possibly 4 Hyatt properties during our honeymoon at the end of May/beginning of June in SE Asia. It would be HUGE to get some breakfast benefits and possibly some upgrades to make the trip that much more special.

  9. Finally planning some much deserved away time with my wife…. the perks would definitely make for more pleasant travel!


  10. I’ll be going to DXB in May and we’re staying at the Park Hyatt. Getting a suite upgrade there would be so great!

  11. My husband was just a couple of stays shy of Globalist when Gold Passport changed to World of Hyatt. We greatly enjoy Hyatt hotel’s abundance of amenities at that higher level which are the best in the hotel loyalty world. (notably Suite upgrades when available and lounge access) With business trips planned this year to Park City, Scottsdale, Austin, New Orleans, Palm Springs, Manhattan, Las Vegas, among others, it would be a wonderful surprise to win this status for my hardworking/ever traveling husband. Perhaps this would inspire another leisure trip with all of the bonus points! My fingers are crossed and thank you for the opportunity!

  12. We are going to a 5 day convention in June and free breakfast$ would really help with expense$. Our other vacation plans are open so status would mean we are staying at Hyartrs wherever we go!

  13. We have several trips to Europe planned in the next 6 months….the breakfast benefit would be a huge help on the travel budget!!! Thanks for running the promotion!

  14. My wife and I will be in Hong Kong as part of our 1 year anniversary trip. Would love to have access to the club lounge at Grand Hyatt HKG!

  15. Globalist Elite would be huge! My family and I have many trips planned staying at Hyatt hotels this year, Japan, Korea & France. The added benefits would be a great plus! Cannot wait to start enjoying them

  16. We have so many Hyatt-centric trips planned this year, including a 3-night stay at the famed Park Hyatt Paris- Place Vendome for our 30th wedding anniversary in mid-May. It would be great to have a VIP experience to mark this special occasion. I’ve been in this hobby for 5 years and staying at this hotel on our 30th anniversary was our earliest goal. We are about to pull it off!

  17. I’d use Globalist to go to the Andaz Maui and Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos with my family of 4. Suite upgrades are usually a must with Hyatts, as the standard rooms tend to be tight for 4 in my experience.

  18. The status would help greatly while I take both of my parents on trips in the next year! Over the summer, I will be taking my mother to Thailand, where status wi be very helpful in Bangkok, and then later this year and early next year, the status will be extremely useful in London, where even just the free breakfast can save a lot of money!

  19. Awesome offer – Why pick me ? I’m a full time traveler and have lived in hotels for the last 6 years and loved being hyatt diamond a few years agoand really miss it .Its the only top tier status I missed having

    I’ll really get a lot of use if I win this contest – nothin but love n travels cj

  20. My husband spends hours…no, weeks…planning our vacations after reading flight and hotel reviews on BoardingArea.com. He gets so pumped when, following the advice of the travel blogging community, he can score an upgrade, pick the best seats on flights, turn a credit card signup into a trip for me, etc., etc. I’d love to do something nice for him that he would really appreciate, so giving him Hyatt Globalist status for a year would be awesome!

  21. Staying at Park Hyatt in Zanzibar this summer. Globalist elite status would help out a lot. My family of four would certainly put good use to the free breakfast perk!

  22. This year we are doing lots of road trips to visit colleges with my daughter, and attending a wedding in Seattle, so the status would be a great benefit to us. Thank you for the chance!

  23. I was Hyatt Diamond thanks to a status challenge I successfully completed in December to which Hyatt told me I would transfer over to Globalist. They lied and rescinded my status one week prior to conversion over to Globalist and even cancelled my suite night. I would really appreciate the free status as Hyatt failed to give me it. I really enjoyed staying at their properties and feel they do have the best service. I had stayed 15 nights so far this year but had stopped once they removed my status.

  24. We are retired. This wonderful status with its benefits would help us check off some bucket list items in style.

  25. I am taking my son on a “trip of a lifetime” to New Zealand and Australia. We have several Hyatt properties planned and the free “brekkie” would be extremely welcome.

  26. Hyatt Globalist status would be great to have for an upcoming Anniversary trip to Hawaii! Thanks for the giveaway!

  27. Being a single Dad of 8 year twins. The things like free breakfast/parking/resort fees can be the difference between going on trip and having to pass. I try to take the kids on trips on as many trip as possible that we can learn something as well as have fun.

  28. While I live in the States, my parents lives in Asia and we’re planning on checking out the Winter Olympics in Korea next February as part of a larger family trip across Asia. I rarely get to see or travel with my parents, so Globalist status would be a great boon for that trip as it would allow me to pamper them with upgraded stays and breakfasts at the Grand Hyatt Seoul, Park Hyatt Shanghai, and Grand Hyatt Hong Kong!

  29. I will be working for 3 months in Europe during the summer and away from my family. If I had Hyatt Globalist I would use it to plan a vacation for my family while I am there. I would use miles to fly them to Europe and spend great family time in Milan and Paris at Park Hyatt properties where the Globalist status would allow me to upgrade to a suite so we could all stay in the same room and get free breakfast. That would be an amazing surprise for them.

  30. I’d use the extra perks during my 20th anniversary celebration at the Hyatt Regency in Waikiki.

  31. Hi Ed!

    My parents are turning 65 years old this year and I have been colectin miles to give them a two months around the world trip, a trip that they have always dream but could have never affort them nor my self if weren’t for miles and points and your guidance on how to do it with points. This status will help me giving them the best experience on the trip.

  32. My daughter just turned one and we have a few trips around the US and Europe lined up for this year. Hoping the Globalist tier would help in having a great experience overall!

  33. Having seen your comments on Hyatt, I have wanted to experience their quality but it has been difficult to make the jump when holding status with other programs (Hilton, Starwood). This offer would enable me to make that transition while enjoying their benefits along the way.

  34. We have 10 to 15 nights planned at Hyatt hotels this year and would love the extra benefits of the Globalist status. Maui, Kauai, Austin, New York, Seattle, San Francisco, Boston, England, Two will be the free nights for the Hyatt card but they are for standard rooms only.

  35. We have our 3 generations family get together usually at Grand Hyatt Bali. Would love to do it this year too and the Globalist status will be a big help for sure! Thanks!

  36. Would be great to be a Globalist when I finally make my Asia and Australia trip this fall. Going to Tokyo, Singapore, Hongkong, Manila and Sydney.

  37. Ed,
    We have 2 trips already booked for full service Hyatts in Maui and EU. The Globalist status will also allow me to change into GOH bookings for my sister’s family who are also joining us on the EU trip. So it would be awesome if we can get Globalist status.

    Thank you,


  38. Planning a trip to Siem Reap (park Hyatt) and Bangkok (grand Hyatt) and would love the club access and possible upgrades….

  39. Just had our first little one and having free breakfast in the hotel would be a big plus this next year haha

  40. I never have time for breakfast when I’m at home, so having a free breakfast on vacation would be great!

  41. I am going to visit my home country, Japan this coming June. Since I haven’t seen my sister for 15 yeas I booked Andaz Tokyo for our trip using my sign up bonus points from Chase. I would love to have an upgrade and free breakfast at beautiful Andaz Tokyo with this status!

  42. Mother-in-Law is going to be having a major medical procedure in early May, we will likely end up spending about three weeks in a Hyatt hotel close to the hospital, would love to be able to not have to worry about breakfast, and club lounge access would be nice, it’s great that Hyatt is giving you the ability to do this!

  43. Thank you for holding this contest. There are a lot of deserving individuals for Globalist. I travel back and forth between the US and Asia for volunteer work. I just yesterday arrived in Asia for the second time this year. After three months of volunteering I return home to the US in order to fund the next return to Asia. Globalist would be amazing to help recover from the jet lag, it’s exactly a 12 hour time difference. Thank you again for holding this contest.

  44. I am planning on visiting Australia and Hong Kong this year and Hyatt’s Globalist status would probably allow me to get some great room upgrades (especially the Sydney opera house view from the Park Hyatt Sydney), enjoy a nice breakfast, and be pampered at each hotel I visit!

  45. I am taking my family to Europe (on points of course!) this summer and globalist status would help save cost and improve the quality of the trip with breakfast and better rooms in Paris, Nice and Milan!

    Beyond that we will also be going to Detroit for a wedding and San Diego this summer so the status will improve our trips immeasurably and that is to say nothing of the trips yet to come. My youngest received a perfect 36 on his ACT so we need to travel to several schools far away to Che k them out, and the status would help cushion the blow.

  46. What a great giveaway! I just like to travel, and anything that makes a trip easier, better, or nicer is a sweet cherry on top!

  47. I currently avoid the Hyatts that don’t have breakfast now in favor of hotels where I have breakfast benefits (Hilton and Marriott). I’d like Globalist so I can finally get free breakfast in the nicer Hyatts!

  48. I am a solo traveller and would like to have club benefits so that some of the out of pocket cost for either lunch or dinner could be recouped. Thanks !

  49. I have 15 trips booked this year with my wife and kids as well as a few with my niece and parents so the upgrades and breakfasts would help. The getaways sure help alleviate lifes hectic pace

  50. I am going to Europe for an academic conference. As a graduate student, it’s often hard to meet status requirements the old-fashioned way; however, I absolutely love Hyatt, and I stay with them as often as I can!

    Additionally, I’m going to Savannah, GA in August, as well as taking a trip down to the Caribbean at some point in the next year!

  51. When traveling for business, it’s the little things that make life on the road more enjoyable. Club benefits are one of those little things.

  52. Globalist would be very useful for potential upgrades and breakfast for our upcoming trip to Japan and Taiwan later this year.

  53. Wife is pregnant with our first child, perks would make our stays that much more special (and relaxing for her!).

  54. It would mean a lot. My partner and I are going on an “around the world” trip of a lifetime on May for 8 months, and this could not come at a better time! We’ll be sure to max out on the benefits of Hyatt Globalist for sure!

  55. I am a business traveler and a concert goer. I love to travel to see friend and especially to see concerts. I would use my Globalist status to stay in some great Hyatt’s and see some great concerts. I love the Andaz in West Hollywood for Los Angeles concerts, the Andaz and Hyatt’s in NYC to see concerts in the NYC area. I will try to attend numerous concerts this year such as Queen (with Adam Lambert), Aerosmith, Journey, U2 and many more and multiple festivals such as Desert Trip, and ClassicWest. I may try to get to Europe for other concerts. Thank you for the opportunity.

  56. Simply put, the extra benefits would induce me to switch some nights to Hyatt brands. A half-dozen business trips a year, a couple of weeks vacation, three or four long weekends, the odd night here and there…many of those nights don’t have competitive pricing from Hyatt for where I spend them, but having Globalist would tip the value proposition in Hyatt’s favor for at least some of those nights.

  57. My partner just retired. I teach school. This summer will be the first time in 25 years that we will be able travel extensively together. Globalist status would be a beautiful enhancement to our plans.

  58. What a fantastic opportunity. My 2 daughters travel together with me as a group of three competing in Irish Dance Feisianna. This would really make those trips more of a vacation instead of a night stay.


  59. I am taking my son (11) with me on as many adventures as possible. He loves history and exploring, so we are looking at trips to Williamsburg, the Alamo, DC, etc. This would make those trips really special, along with work trips that I am able to have him join me.

  60. Hyatt is closest and easiest to my remote office, I’ll use Globalist that way plus 2 trips with my wife!

  61. About to book my honeymoon. It will include a week at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome and the Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa

  62. A summer trip to Asia is already planned for a family of 4. I heard that they treat Globalist really well there !

  63. This would be the best year ever to have Globalist stays because I have trips planned starting in 2 weeks to the Big Island of Hawaii, Croatia/Slovenia, Thailand, and New Zealand, and I would love the chance to spend nights on these adventures at Hyatt Hotels.

  64. For me it’d mean that I could make the trips that I had planned and stay at Hyatt (which is one of my favourites tbh). I could go to New York for my birthday (yay!), try and go to Amsterdam, Canada and maybe a few more places before the end of the year.

  65. Having Globalist status would be fantastic and I’d be able to enjoy breakfast at no additional cost while putting that money saved towards experiences to help me remember my travels!

  66. I quit my job to travel nearly seven years ago (crazy, I know!), and much of it has been made possible due to miles and points. Flying business or first class has become the norm, but hotel points are in shorter supply (when you’re on the road for years, even PointBreaks redemptions will deplete an account pretty quickly!), so I try to save hotel redemptions for when I need a welcome break from more modest accommodations (hello, Hyatt Place), or when I’m joined by friends or family and ready for a splurge (Park Hyatt, here I come).

    Thanks to Hyatt’s generous status match promotions, I have been fortunate enough to hold Diamond status a few times, despite not having enough paid Hyatt stays to earn top tier status outright. (I do have midtier status through my Hyatt credit card though.) This has been great, because even on points, stays at top category hotels can be a stretch when you’re on a (points) budget! Extra perks like free breakfast, room upgrades, and late check-out certainly provide outsized value, and Diamond status in the past year has already helped me celebrate recent family milestones from “round” birthdays to successful surgeries at hotels like the Park Hyatts in Paris, Milan, Tokyo, and the Maldives (all in the past year!), while also making stays at less “flashy” Andaz, Hyatt Place, Grand Hyatt, and Hyatt Regency hotels even more special.

    It’s probably past time for me to rejoin the work force, and I’d love to go out with the bang Globalist status would provide! There are still quite a few Hyatts on my list that I’d like to visit sooner rather than later (I’m looking at you, Park Hyatt Vienna and Andaz Amsterdam!), and winning Globalist status would provide the push I need to help make sure I get to them. I hit at least 10 Hyatts last year with my status matched Diamond status–let’s see if I can beat that record with gifted Globalist status! I’m currently planning trips to Canada and Asia, and would love to see how many Hyatts I can fit into my itinerary!

  67. This year is actually the first year that I have both the time and can afford to take real vacations, and will be taking them immediately after completing a major project to align the services of our company that just acquired 2 other major companies. Staying at the new Hyatt Centric in Hawaii, and then going to Key West to support a friend as he competes in the finals of a national bartender competition.

  68. To be frank, without status i wouldn’t stay at Hyatt properties, so this would be a nice opportunity to try…

  69. I’m pretty sure Globalist status would come in quite handy during my next trip to the US I am planning for this year’s fall. Getting complimentary breakfast is fantastic.

  70. I have finally gained enough points to try out the Park Hyatt Maldives for a five nights, so Globalist status would be great for upgrading to best available room (including suites!) and experiencing their breakfast.

  71. The best use of Hyatt Globalist status is with the no resort fees on any stay and the addition of free parking on award stays. It was put to me by the front desk lead at HR Lake Tahoe, “Hyatt wants a free stay for our top guests to be completely free: no hotel charge for room, no resort fee, and no parking fee.”

  72. My mom and dad always had a love of traveling which they passed along to their three kids. My dad didn’t get into the miles and points game, but he always a knack for finding great deals for the two of them. When dad passed away in 2013 I started taking mom with me on my trips, helped in part by my new-found points hobby and the information I’ve gained from blogs like yours, Ed. I’ve taken mom to Italy, Ireland, and this year we are going to both Spain and Scotland. There don’t appear to be many Hyatts there, but I Have my sights set on either Asia, India, or South Pacific next year. Would love to be able to treat my mom to some perks.

  73. The breakfast would ensure that I don’t end up just grabbing fast food somewhere and have a decent breakfast and I would hope give us a chance to maybe get started a little earlier in the day!

  74. Thanks for holding this contest! I have quite a few trips planned for the remaining of this year, (where did time go, I can’t believe I just said remaining of the year), and also for part of next year.

    For this year, I have a few family weddings to go to. I actually have one at the end of this month and May. For the wedding at the end of this month, I wasn’t planning to stay in a hotel and just do the drive in the early AM and come back afterwards to save some money, but if I were to win, there is a Hyatt nearby that I can book. Having Globalist status couldn’t come at a more perfect time! I would be able to stay at the Hyatt the night before/night of, possibly get a suite/larger room so my family, the little ones, and I can get ready. This would also give us the chance to be well rested so we can focus our energy on celebrating my cousin’s marriage! As for the wedding next month, I already have a Hyatt booked so having Globalist would make the stay even better! It will hopefully give us a larger room, and my little ones can have a special treat and experience a Hyatt breakfast the morning after. Party all night long, and not having to worry about looking for a place for breakfast for the little ones the next morning sounds awesome to me =).

    Besides family weddings, we also have a family trip to Toronto for July 4th! I have the Hyatt booked already so this would be a huge positive for us since we can potentially get a bigger room (for the little ones to run around hehe), and also not have to worry about breakfast since we’ll be visiting a new city.

    I also have a special anniversary trip in Sept, and I will be “vendome’ing” it at the PH! I’m sure having Globalist there will be extra special =).

    Besides those trips, I usually do one big birthday trip during Feb, and I currently have a big trip planned for Japan and Seoul! I don’t have hotels booked yet, but I do have my flights. Having Globalist status would be perfect since that will solve my hotel research, and I can default to the two PH’s in Tokyo and Seoul that I’ve been hearing and reading so much about!

    I’m sure I can go on and on, so I will stop here. Thanks again! Have a fab day!! And looking forward to more donut photos!

  75. Thanks for running the giveaway in advance! While we may not be celebrating any major, major milestones this year, it’ll be our (still significant) 5th anniversary this year and hopefully our last year of travel (and freedom!) before starting a family. We were planning to do a few trips both domestically and internationally so the Globalist status would be a wonderful surprise (with the complimentary breakfasts and suite upgrades) for my wife. This would certainly have the potential to make a memorable trip we were planning to Maui (the Andaz looks amazing there!!) into an exceptional one!! But regardless who wins, here’s to wishing the winner enjoys some incredible stays this year!

  76. I’ll be flying back to visit my grandma to take her on an 85th birthday trip. The Grand Hyatt’s in SE Asia look stunning (Hong Kong and Macau, perhaps Singapore) and the Globalist suite upgrades and lounge access would definitely create some incredible memories for her. She had raised me up since I was very little so I would love to be able to surprise her on her big birthday!

  77. We have few trips planned with Hyatt stays this year thanks to Hyatt CC nights and saved up hyatt points from last couple years. Both of us have discoverist status so glad no resort fees and late checkout is still going to be there for us. What I will miss the most is Guest of Honor benefits for family and friends I book for. It is nice to show off my point collecting work but even sweeter when they get treated better just because they know a Hyatt diamond member. I appreciate the opportunity.

  78. Going to Zurich for the memorial day weekend and if I won the status, I would book at Park Hyatt to take advantage of suite upgrade and Park Hyatt breakfast

  79. It’s my parents’ 50th anniversary this year and my sons live and work in other states. I’d love to stay a little longer than the air mattress in the living room currently allows (hey, maybe that’s why they have me stay there…lol) It would be great to be able to send my parents on an amazing trip. I’d love to enjoy the perks both domestically and internationally! I’ve never done much with Hyatt – I’ve been Spire Elite with IHG, so maybe this would switch me over from IHG to Hyatt! In fact, my husband and I are planning a trip to Amsterdam/Brussels/Paris using IHG points towards the end of this year. Wouldn’t it be fun to compare hotels? Thanks for running this contest.

  80. I will use the suite upgrades to house my family of five on upcoming trips to France, Ireland, Israel, and more.

  81. Hyatt Globalist would be great for the free breakfasts!
    My family and I will be traveling to Europe this summer and the Globalist status will come in handy.

  82. Ed,
    Another very generous offer from you! Having Hyatt top elite status again (lost it 2 years ago) would greatly enhance my global travels. I’ve always been one to encourage my sisters (5) & other family members, & of course friends, to come along with me & “see the world”. Adding on Hyatt stays with elite perks would definitely sweeten our trips! Thanks for thinking of your fans & followers; much appreciated.

  83. I would use the Globalist status to fulfill my dream of visiting every continent. When’s that Hyatt Antarctica coming online?

  84. We have booked a paid stay at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary in the spring. We are bringing our 1 year old son as well as my in-laws to experience Paris with us. The room upgrade and complimentary breakfast that comes with Globalist status would definitely enhance the experience! Having a baby in our room means we’ll definitely put the extra space to use for the crib and for him to explore. Also, we stayed at this hotel for our baby moon and paid for our breakfast. It was delicious but oh so expensive!

    Thanks for running this contest for us travel enthusiasts!

  85. Hyatt Globalist status would force me dive into the World of Hyatt program! Being the points and miles enthusiast that I am, and a die-hard travel addict, I’m surprised I haven’t paid much attend to Hyatt properties. They always seem to be the talk of the town (in the travel world), but sometimes I just prefer my AirBnbs. Earning Hyatt Globalist status would turn me into a World of Hyatt superstar – I would even finally get the Hyatt credit card since I haven’t visited Chase for a new credit card ever since 5/24 went into effect. I’m always driven to hotels when I have the status to show off, so help me jump into the World of Hyatt with Globalist status… please! 🙂

  86. We have 2 teenage boys and the way they eat makes the free breakfast extremely valuable for our family!

  87. Planning on a few trips this year- planning on staying at Hyatt at Papagayo, Jamaica, Dubai with wife and one kid. Would love to experience travelling as a status member with the family especially with my toddler.

    Thank you

  88. I have a month long trip to Australia and New Zealand coming up and then another 2 weeks long trip to Canada later this year, not to mention other small work and holiday trips. This would be exteremely helpful for all these days on the road! Fingers crossed!

  89. I have a girls trip coming up over Memorial Day, and I’d love to use a suite upgrade as a surprise for our stay!

  90. Have two certificate nights from the Hyatt Visa… would love to be able to use them on the Vendome to get that famous breakfast!!

  91. Would love to have Globalist to make stays with our little girl (11 months) a lot more manageable, suite upgrades last year as a Diamond allowed my wife and I our own space while keeping the little one in the other room so we didn’t wake her

  92. This would mean so much to me over the next year. I fly 150k-200k miles per year, all on my own dime, and for personal travel. The suite upgrades, breakfasts, etc. would be an absolute treat!

  93. The only thing better than Globalist would be moving full-time into a Hyatt. One can dream, right? It would make any of my great Hyatt stays move into the fabulous category.

  94. I’m a graduating medical student. We have this crazy system where we interview for jobs throughout the country and then rank the jobs we interview at. Jobs then rank everyone they interview and a big computer system matches graduates to jobs. Its a crazy system and we only get one chance at it so have to do tons of interviews. This upcoming year, I expect to go on 15+ interviews and having Globalist status would make the whole process so much more barely. Having a nicer room before and after traveling to a new place to interview will keep me fresh and top form.

  95. We’re honeymooning in South America later this year and have already booked 3 Hyatts: Park Hyatt Buenos Aires, Park Hyatt Mendoza, and Hyatt Regency Cartagena. Possibly booking a couple nights at the Grand Hyatt Santiago as well. Globalist would make those stays even more special, especially getting the breakfasts at the Park Hyatts in Argentina!

  96. Would love to take my parents to the Hyatt lounges for breakfast and snacks at the Hyatts we’ll be visiting in Adia this summer!

  97. My gf in Korea loves the Park Hyatt Seoul and would be amazing if I could get a suite upgrade for a proposal this year!

  98. Would love to win Globalist this year. My wife and I used to travel for vacations a lot, enough that we had top tier status and loved taking advantage of it. But then life happened…kid number 1….. then kid number 2. All elite status, and ease of travel, were gone within a year (not that we would trade it for anything!). I do travel some for work, but not enough to get any status. Now that the two small children (1.5 and 3.5) are finally at the age where the four of us can start to travel without too much trouble, we have many trips already planned this year. Being able to stay at a Hyatt with breakfast included would save us a ton of money. And upgrades to rooms at check-in could be key to have a more enjoyable stay with all of us packed into one room.

  99. I am going to France in July for my 70th birthday. My 70 year old bones need a soft resting place.

  100. I would like to get this as I always have to travel with someone who is a Globalist to get the perks. Otherwise, I couldn’t enjoy the simple things in life (: Gonna be spending New Years in Sydney so would definitely would take advantage of staying at the Park Hyatt.

  101. Hey there,

    My fiancé and I would SO utilize having Globalist status. We are tying the knot at The Hyatt Ziva in Montego Bay, Jamaica this year and I can only *dream* of those benefits. We want to travel as much as possible before starting a family. My fiancé is Polynesian and his family is over 5,000 miles away from us here in Boston. My best friend and Maid of Honor is in Thailand, and my father is currently stationed in Kosovo. He tells me it’s 3 hours from Greece and we’d love to visit him, and everyone else. Thanks so much for considering us!



  102. I am planning a trip to France with my husband and teenage daughters this summer and I would really enjoy the extra perks offered through the Hyatt Globalist program at Hyatt hotels to make our trip a perfect one!

  103. I will be taking my dad to France for his 70th b-day in Sept. This is his first trip to France. His favorite meal of the day is breakfast and I think he will be blown away by the awesome breakfast at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome. A complimentary suite upgrade would be icing on the cake!

  104. While I’ve lived in DC area for nearly 18 years, the rest of my family, ranging from under 20 to over 70, lives in Russia. They regularly come visit in various groups and I try to take them to fun places all around the United States and N America. Our next upcoming trips are to busy New York and fabulous Cancun. The Globalist status would allow us to experience the best of Hyatt’s hospitality which they would never be able to afford or experience otherwise.

  105. I have 37 stays booked with Hyatt through Jan 2018 and would love for those to come with all the benefits and points that status has to offer. Currently no status there.

  106. Sonic

    My wife and I are celebrating our 15 year anniversary @ Hyatt Regency in Maui later this year. Globalist status would allow us to enjoy more of the Beautiful perks during our Celebration of a great marriage.

  107. My daughter has reached a great age to travel (9) and have scheduled several trips over the next year to introduce her to the world. She is a great traveler and it will be fun! All of the trips are in the Hyatt footpath (and even some near our house for weekend trips), so this elite status would make a big difference. Thanks.

  108. I have been battling ovarian cancer since October 2015. (Thank you for my Brave Box….which has meant the world to me). Since I got done with chemo in march 2016 we have been traveling a great deal. Hyatt is always our first choice. In January my cancer returned and I am still traveling the one week a month I am off chemo. We just returned from Hyatt in Maui. HAving Globalist would help my family save money on breakfast and also earn more points to use for future travel. Which we plan to do as much as we can while I am able. Also I am not able to book my travel until about a week and a half before so having some guaranteed availability is awesome. I have to wait each month for my doc to clear me to travel. For example going on a trip in a week and a half. Gotta book last minute because I was just clear today to travel. I have used my Hyatt points so now I gotta earn some more. I am a discoverist now and globalist will help me earn more faster!

  109. I will take my wife on a trip or two after school. She has had 3 grueling years of law school and a baby in the middle. A suite upgrade and complimentary breakfast will do her well!

  110. It couldn’t have been better if I can bring my 8mo year old kid on a Round the World Trip as a Hyatt Globalist! With that 4 suites upgrade, I will park him up at the Park Hyatt Tokyo, Park Hyatt Paris, Park Hyatt Maldives and of course Park Hyatt New York

  111. Single mom of 3 kids here with lots of travel plans in the coming year, including Hawaii, Abu Dhabi, and the Philippines. Hyatt Globalist status would be a huge money (and sanity!) saver with the free breakfast / club lounge, extra space of suite upgrades, and late check out. Plus the kids would feel like superstars! Many thanks for the giveaway!

  112. I want to use it for traveling with my wife for a gap year honeymoon. We know each other for 6 years now and want to take some time out of work and start exploring.

  113. My wife and I use our points for award nights at various Hyatt’s about once per month. We LOVE Hyatt even though we are only lowly Discoverist members. With Hyatt Globalist, we would spend more time at properties with club lounges. I recently stayed at the Hyatt Regency Maui and splurged to try out the club lounge. One of the evening appetizers was my absolute favorite treats of all time, COCONUT SHRIMP! I may have had like 30. If I win, I promise to eat less than 30 shrimps in the club lounges! Shoutout to Hyatt for always providing spectacular service and amazing memories!!

  114. I have a “trip of a lifetime” coming up with my partner, whereby i shall start in Melbourne Australia, and slowly make my way up north over the rest of the year, covering indonesia, singapore, malaysia, philipines, vietnam, cambodia, thailand, hong kong, taiwan, china, korea, before ending in Japan. Both of us have been saving miles to pay for the flights, but unfortunately neither have any great point balances in hotel programs. A lot of the places I intend to visit have Hyatt properties, and having Hyatt status will mean free breakfast and club lounge access, which makes a huge price difference compared to I were to pay in cash. Not to forget the potential upgrades, which even though it is subject to availability, having a chance to experience suites that I could never afford on a trip this long, will really make this extended vacation magical. As there have been a lot of entries,thank you for taking the time to read about what winning will mean to me for the rest of the year, and potentially the years after, as having top tier status will be a great incentive to prioritize Hyatts in all of my upcoming hotel needs.

  115. Having globalist status would make weekend trips and longer family vacations more enjoyable by allowing more access to suite upgrades. Having guaranteed free breakfast also provides a great way to start the morning with the family.

  116. It would be so amazing to take my family traveling more frequently knowing there would be more space. Having elite hotel status takes such a huge hassle out of so many aspects of traveling.

  117. Our 1-year-old daughter is used to having her own room at home and will not go to sleep if she can still see us. Since we bring our little one wherever we go, it is a sanity-saving boon to have the extra space of a suite and the ability to segment off the bedroom.

    Last year, we were able to put DSU’s to good use at Hyatt Tsim Sha Tsui and GH Singapore. This year, we are planning a stay at the GH Hong Kong and would love to experience their decadent, albeit expensive, breakfast offerings.

    For our 10th anniversary, we will be making a long-awaited trip to Australia including a stay at the PH Sydney. It would be a terrific way to celebrate having breakfast with a view of the Sydney Opera House.

    We will be returning to Singapore to attend a wedding with my wife’s elderly parents in tow. In Singapore, it is very difficult to find hotel rooms that sleep 4 adults. An upgrade to the Grand Duplex Suite would have plenty of room for 4 adults and a toddler.

    The wedding couple are looking at having their honeymoon in the Maldives. It would be fantastic privilege to gift them Guest of Honor benefits at the PH Maldives.

    My wife’s parents are celebrating their 40th anniversary and her mother’s retirement with a trip to Switzerland and Italy. Being able to book them at the PH Zurich and PH Milan with Guest of Honor benefits would be a wonderful surprise!

    This is an exciting and generous giveaway with many worthy entries. Thanks for your time and consideration.

  118. It is my wife’s 50th birthday this year, my 50th birthday and our 25th wedding anniversary next year. I would treat my wife to first at a stay at the Andaz in Napa and indulge in the incredible breakfast that they offer, and then stay at the Hyatt at Embarcadero in San Francisco and be able to have a view of the city from the lounge at the top, as well as at the Hyatt in Carmel and have a great view of the ocean, and then fly off to Hawaii and stay at the Andaz in Maui and be able to treat ourselves to the wonderful breakfasts there and free parking. In each stay, hopefully receive and enjoy a nice room upgrade. As a family trip with all the boys, get away from the cold and stay at the Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall in Jamaica

  119. Hoping to take my wife and my fathers on trips back to the old country in Europe this year. Globalist would make thes trips so much nicer with club access, breakfasts and late check outs. thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  120. I have quite a few celebrations including weddings and birthdays where this would be so helpful. Also visiting my grandparents in Taiwan as they’re now 93 and 85. Also would be perfect to take my dad somewhere for his 60th birthday

  121. Hi Edward,

    I have never ever stayed at a Hyatt and would be really curious to see how different they are from Hiltons or Sheratons and see in real what actually makes them so much better.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  122. Would be great to stay at best Hyatt properties in the world with free breakfast & no resort fees. Solo travel usually & would welcome the elite status! Thank you.

  123. Globalist would allow me to enjoy free breakfast with my family around the world, given that Hyatt still has the most generous breakfast benefit among the 5 major US hotel chains.

  124. Would love to be able to treat my wife and kids to breakfast when traveling. Starbucks is getting old and makes me look oh so cheap.

  125. Traveling with my family, suite upgrades and free breakfast make our stay more comfortable and save a lot of money. Plus I love seeing my kids amazed at “the most amazing hotel” when they walk into a suite.

  126. Traveling to Korea this summer with my family and this would be GREAT. Also wouldn’t mind a shift over to Hyatt for my business travels this year.

  127. My entry is actually for my sister. She and her family are headed to Maui on some points I helped them with and the costs to feed all four of them for their stay are going to be through the roof. Access to the Club Lounge would greatly help them in this expensive city.

  128. I have enjoyed staying at Hyatt resorts. I would love to be able to use this benefit to give my daughter more chances to travel the world!

  129. My husband and I live abroad and are traveling to see family in the US and UK several times this year. It would be awesome to have more comfortable rooms and free breakfast/lounge access while we travel! The late checkout would also be great for sleeping in when we have crazy jet lag.

  130. That’s an amazing giveaway! I would be able to stay with my family in awesome hotels in awesome cities!

  131. Traveling all over the world next year. Currently Globalist, but based in Europe so going to be difficult to requalify.

    Would love to extend it for 2018 so that I can continue to revisit some of my favourite Hyatts, Andaz Tokyo, Park Tokyo, Seoul Park, Grand Bangkok, Park Vienna

  132. Having globalist status for a year would mean the world for me. I have been only able to enjoy it before as a platinum member and now as a discoverist. I enjoy traveling whenever I can and it would be great if I can have the top status. I have heard great things about it from “diamond” and now globalist members about their experiences as the best guests of the Hyatt program. Based on my former stays with them, I did enjoy the superior service and the amazing corner with view rooms. Yes, I can enjoy benefits with Hilton and IHG as well as being their elite members, but there is something special about Hyatt. I do agree with you about selecting Hyatt for a lot of the entries with the Freddie awards. On an educator salary, it sure can come in handy whenever I can go on a trip even if it is on a short vacation. I would love to use it on a personal or family vacation. Thank you.

  133. Hi,

    This year is our 30th anniversary as well as our 60th birthdays, so we are planning many trips to celebrate, so far we have separate trips planned for Australia, Venice, Geneva, Singapore with hops to Cambodia and Vietnam. Hyatt Globalist would be the icing on the cake for these celebrations.

  134. I lost my DM Status and now I’m “only” Explorist. I would love to become globalist for the wonderful suite upgrades and free breakfast.

  135. I am about to leave the job I’ve had for 30 years (at a desk…behind a computer screen) to begin to travel the world. While I’m a little anxious about it, as you can imagine, but I’m committed to doing it. Globalist status at Hyatt would be a dream come true for me. It would enable me to stay in Hyatt hotels around the world and experience travel to its fullest~

  136. I am going to Germany to meet my boyfriend this summer for the first time. We have been dating online for over a year, and we are finally going to be able to meet. I am planning on staying in Hyatts during my trip, and it would make our first meeting really special if I could get upgraded, and even have free breakfast.

  137. Hi Edward!

    I would use it at the Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa, which we just booked for 6 nights for our honeymoon using Chase points (amazing value)! The free breakfast and possible room upgrade would be the cherry on top of an already wonderful year.

    Thanks and love your blogs!


  138. I’ll be retiring very soon and have already booked several trips. Plan to travel the world for the next several years and leveraging global elite status would be like a cherry on top of the ice cream!.

  139. Would have been useful at the park Hyatt in Paris last year…. but if we had the status again,we would use it at the park Hyatt in Milan (summer trip for a wedding) and definitely would be very useful of hawaii in feb of 2018. The possibilities are limitless!!!

  140. I’m a graduate student who’s probably going to propose in more ways than one in the coming months. That means there will be some celebratory trips to plan (more so for the personal proposal than the academic one) and not a ton of money to fund them. Benefits like free breakfast on points stays at otherwise expensive properties would make a world of difference to me (and a special someone if she says yes), and give me the ability to make upcoming special occasions even more special and memorable. I’d be eternally grateful to you and your judge for the meaningful difference it would make in our lives, and it might even get you invited to a wedding…unless you think that would count as bribery, in which case we’ll just send you a thank you note on a Park Hyatt postcard.

    Good luck, and thanks for doing this!

  141. When our daughter was born in 2015, we have made a few promises to ourselves. The first was to instill in her an appreciation for different cultures and a love of travel. The second was to ensure she would understand her own culture as the granddaughter of immigrants. The third was to share as many memories as possible with her grandparents while they still have the ability to travel.

    The Hyatt Diamond status last year was invaluable to us with regards to fulfilling these goals. We were able to go to multiple cities in the US and Asia with a great deal of comfort.

    When we travelled last year, the suite upgrades allowed us to enjoy some alone time while providing the baby to have her own space to sleep in (she needs 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night). We were also able to feed her a good breakfast and clean her up (she is a messy kid!) before we left our hotel for the day.

    In addition, we were travelling with her grandparents, they were able to stay with us in our upgraded suite in Singapore. We were also able to host a small get together for grandpa’s relatives who we haven’t seen in over 15 years.

    Finally, we were able to grant grandma’s big wish last year… which was to go to a performance of the Met Opera in NY. That was a memory she will never forget!

    But the best thing of all is the excellent service we received as Diamond members. When you are travelling with a small child, it’s the small things that concierge service provides that makes a trip that much more fun.

    This year, we are not likely to be able to gain Diamond status without a lot of help. As health care workers, our schedules are tight. Regardless, we are still planning on spending whatever precious time we have on travel.

    Thank you for holding this contest for people like us. We really appreciate all that you do for us with your website. The information we get from your reviews is essential for travel.

  142. I am planning for a surprising 30th anniversary by bringing my wife to all of the Grand Hyatt hotels in Fast East Countries @ Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Bejing, Taipei, Singapore, Bali, Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur & Bangkok. This Globalist Elite status will definitely enhance this surprised 30th anniversary trip by allowing us to visit Grand Hyatt famous Elite treatment.

    Thanks to offer your gift to your readers

  143. We have a week long trip to Aruba scheduled for July. The globalist status would certainly help with suite uogrades to ensure plenty of space for the family.

  144. I’ve been blind my whole life, but that doesn’t stop me from traveling to new places independently. I have a ton of Ultimate Rewards points, and would use them along with Globalist status to explore some new places this year with a fellow travel enthusiast who is also blind. We would happily blog about our adventures in the hopes of demonstrating that though blindness can be challenging at times, we have ways of accomplishing most tasks, and it doesn’t prevent us from enjoying traveling and awesome experiences!

  145. Winning would help me escape the D.C. bubble and see the world and “real America” outside of the district 🙂

  146. Hyatt Globalist Status would mean the world to me! I would love to enjoy Hyatt Globalist Status at the Park Hyatt St. Kitts(with the kids) and Hyatt properties in the U.S. and Asia. I would really appreciate those delicious breakfasts!

  147. I would use globalist status for my stay at the Hyatt Regnecy Maui as it’s my 5th year anniversary, parent’s 30th and sisters 1st year anniversary also. We are all going and Globalist status would make it extra special. In addition I am a frequent busines traveler and globalist status would encourage me to stay at Hyatt’s even at a higher rate due to all the benefits…loyalty is the main benefit of status, isn’t it? Thanks for the great blog!

  148. After a recent trip to Paris, I’d love to continue traveling with my family since my son’s have caught the travel bug! This would make it much more possible to continue our adventures.

  149. I am retired and over 80 and still like to travel with my grandchildren, as long as I am able to do so. The status would greatly help!

  150. Having this status would tremendously improve/benefit my family trips this year as we (a family of four – 2 adults & 2 kids) have several Hyatt reservations coming up. Additionally, we can utilize the status to book “guest of honor” reservations to extract more value.

    Here are some of the reservations we have booked in 2017:

    Andaz Maui (8 nights)
    Grand Hyatt Washington (3 nights)
    Andaz Mayakoba (3 nights) – with my parents
    Andaz Papagayo (7 nights) – with in-laws

    Based on these trips alone, we will save $3k-$4k just on breakfast and parking (and some resort fees as we have cash/point booking at two resorts) . Plus, possible upgrade opportunities to a larger room or a suite would be awesome!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  151. I won’t have to worry which hotel I’ve to book for the next year of business travel anymore as I can only book one and better in managing.

  152. My 18 year old will be traveling the world without me for a year. I have every intention of meeting up with him in cool places, but I like the idea of a little comfort when I do. It’ll also be my first year as an empty nester and I really, really like the idea of more travel in my life.

  153. I was a Diamond several times when I was working as a consultant. Since retiring it has been difficult to achieve top tier status. My wife has fond memories of our stay at the Grand Hyatt HK. I’d take her there using the points remaining in my account. The free breakfast and lounge access would mean a lot to her.

  154. This sounds like the perfect excuse to try something besides Marriott/SPG.

    I was fortunate enough to fly over 100 segments last year, and I’m on track to surpass that number again in 2017 with my personal travel plans. Really hoping to spoil my brother and girlfriend (separately, of course) over the next few surprise international getaways I have planned for them by mixing it up with some Hyatt properties.

  155. We´ll stay in Asia next May during my birthday… To enjoy Hyatt Globalist Status would be perfect…… Thanks a lot!

  156. I work for an airline and I would use Hyatt Globalist Elite status to help see the world! I’m in hotels nearly 20-30 weekends a year! I’m SPG/Marriott Gold, I would love to see what the other side has to offer.

  157. Congratulations on your Lifetime status with Hyatt! My husband and I love to travel and take as many trips as possible while working the normal Monday to Friday workweek. I have been at my job for 18 years now so having 5 weeks of vacation and 2 weeks of holidays during a year helps maximize the many trips we take. When we travel, we value lounge access the most. Being able to have coffee and breakfast before preparing to leave for a day of exploring really helps us get started. An upgrade to a suite is always nice as well! Since the majority of our trips are leisure, we book our flights pretty far in advance. We presently have flights booked through February 2018 and are still planning a couple more prior to when the Globalist status would expire. Here is how we could use Hyatt Globalist status through February 2018. I have a trip to Vegas for a conference in a couple of weeks and Hyatt status transfers to M Life. I am booked at an M Life hotel already for this trip. I then have a work trip to Atlanta in May and am presently booked with coworkers at a Hyatt there. I have a one night stay in Austin at the beginning of June for a seminar and am booked at a Hyatt for that. A trip to Portland in June for our nephew’s birthday could allow a Hyatt stay in downtown. Washington, DC for July 4th has some Hyatt’s to choose from. We have a trip booked to Sydney in September and will be staying at the Hyatt Regency for this trip. Then we have a trip to Seoul in October for our anniversary and Hong Kong in November. We stayed at the Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong last year with our free nights from the credit card sign up. This was a great use of the free nights, but we did not receive lounge access or an upgrade on that stay. I have heard the lounge at this location is one of the best available. We also just booked a really fun trip for January 2018 which includes one night in San Francisco. We want to stay by the airport that evening and there is a Hyatt we could stay at. The other cities that we already have airfare booked for do not have any Hyatt’s nearby, however, I would most likely also have a couple of work trips to Austin and could use Hyatt status on those trips as well. We have not yet decided which trip we will use our one free night from the credit card for, but we would love to combine that with lounge access and the chance of a room upgrade. It would be great to accomplish staying in five different Hyatt brands during a year with Globalist status. We already have two brands booked and would enjoy trying to reach all 5 in one year. Thank you for your consideration in this giveaway!

  158. Hyatt is simply the best hotel chain out there! Unfortunately, I’m living in a country with only 5 Hyatt properties (next one to me is about 600 kilometers away), so I won’t ever pass the qualification criteria for reaching Globalist as I don’t travel for business reasons. I absolutely love staying at Hyatt properties, with free breakfast and the chance of getting an upgrade to a Suite I’d even more enjoy my leisure stays with my really beloved ones (and saving some bucks…). Help me making my stays even more memorable and pick me 🙂

  159. Edward, thanks a lot for giving us a chance to win Hyatt Globalist. I am currently planning a trip back to Asia this Summer with my wife and 6 years old son. We are all fans of Hyatt hotels. We would love to have the chance to access the club lounge to have breakfast in the morning and hors d’oeuvres at night. Hong Kong and Tokyo are the two cities that we will visit on this trip. It would be very nice if we can be upgraded to a bigger room or suite.

    In HK, we are planning to stay 4 nights at Hyatt Regency TST and another 4 nights at Grand Hyatt HK. In Tokyo, we are planning to stay 4 nights at Andaz Tokyo and another 4 nights at Grand Hyatt Tokyo.

    The additional benefits from Hyatt Globalist will definitely enhance our hotel stay experience, and hopefully this will be one of memory event for my son’s 7th year old birthday and our 10 years’ anniversary celebration.

    Again, thanks for sharing this with us. Hope you have a lot of great trips in 2017. And share a lot of fun and informative articles with all of us.

  160. I was a Hyatt Diamond for the past 3 years but was sadly a few nights shy of gaining Globalist status. I would benefit a lot with the new globalist status. I love the free breakfast access, room upgrades and the 4pm check out!

    If I won, I would book a few more stays this year at the ff. properties:

    – Park Hyatt Maldives: I plan on proposing to my partner of 12 years this year, and I’ve been considering a honeymoon trip at this property. I’m a bit concern, however, that cost could easily rack up. As a Globalist, I would benefit tremendously with the free happy hour drink + nibbles and breakfast (I can’t wait to try the curry I’ve been reading about in trip reports).

    -Andaz Mayakoba: I was just at this property, and I’m already itching to go back to the Andaz Mayakoba. I was treated very well as a Diamond back in February. The breakfast spread at this resort was outstanding, and Diamond (globalist) are given generous room upgrades. The hotel provides a ton of activities and the setting (mangrove + beach) is out-of-this-world unforgettable.

    – Park Hyatt Vendome: I stayed at this stunning property at the heart of Paris a few years ago and have been wanting to go back. I have an upcoming trip to Paris, but sadly I decided to book an SPG property (since I still have my platinum status with them). If I were given the Globalist status, I would much prefer staying at the immaculate PH Vendome and trade my sub-par SPG hotel.

  161. Planning multiple trips with family this year to Europe/Asia, and would especially love the suite upgrades, breakfast benefits, and club lounge access. If selected, I would visit the Hyatt Regency Churchill (LON), PH Vendome, PH Vienna, PH or Andaz Tokyo, PH Milan, amongst others. I’ve had status with some of the other loyalty chains before, but Hyatt has been the best and most consistent of them all!

  162. Thanks for the opportunity! I would love to take my family to great destinations and make it more enjoyable with the free upgrades, breakfast and lounge access. Planning a trip to Europe, probably Switzerland, Austria and Prague. The late check out would be wonderful to have as we can spend extra hours sight-seeing and just hop on the train to our next destination!
    Kauai would be wonderful to try and visit. An upgrade would allow us to relax in a spacious room and lounge access would be great for days when we’re too lazy to leave the resort! And who can beat free resort fees!

  163. Hi there! I travel quite a lot (about 30 trips a year) for a small charity doing global education work. We use our Hyatt VISA for a lot of our expenses and have a Hyatt just a block away that we often book at.

    Globalist status would not only enhance my own stays (and save us money!), but allow us to use the Guest of Honor feature to treat our guests, volunteers, and board members to a nice stay when they visit us.

    Thank you!

  164. I have booked a few family trips for this year and early next year already, and actually most of our hotel bookings during our trips are with Hyatt, simply because we love Hyatt, even though we don’t have any status with the chain.
    We are visiting Spain, France, Turkey, Vietnam, Singapore, and Korea for the next 12 months.
    And we have many Hyatt reservations in all those countries: Park Hyatt Mallorca, Hyatt Regeny Etoile Paris, Grand Hyatt Istanbul, Park Hyatt Saigon, Grand Hyatt Singapore, and Grand Hyatt Seoul.
    Having Globalist status would enhance my family’s Hyatt stays tremendously, both in terms of the experience and the finances – we would get to enjoy Hyatt’s outstanding breakfast and also hopefully occasional room upgrades to bigger rooms that will make our stays much more enjoyable.
    The icing on the cake would be Hyatt’s guest of honor probram – I will be able to gift Hyatt stays at great propertie to friends and family!

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