Were You Targeted For An Extra SPG Promotion?

As we get into the heart of the first quarter of 2017, hotel promotions are well under way.  Marriott and SPG teamed up for their first promotion of 2017.  If you’re a SPG fan, there were some extra tiers to earn with.  If you haven’t done so, you should register for the Marriott/Ritz and SPG promos now.  But what about an extra SPG promotion?

I was catching up on reading today when I saw One Mile at a Time post about a bonus promotion opportunity from SPG.  SPG has done this in the past, though I usually haven’t had much luck here.

Extra SPG Promotion

Extra SPG Promotion

It didn’t take me long to login and check my eligibility.  No surprise, I wasn’t targeted.  But, from the folks commenting on Ben’s site, there are some pretty good offers:

  • 4,000 bonus Starpoints on every 4th stay.
  • 2,000 bonus Starpoints on every 2nd stay.
  • 1,500 bonus Starpoints on your first stay.
  • 2,500 bonus Starpoints on your first stay.

I value Starpoints at about 2 cents a piece, so a 2,500 point bonus on one stay is worth $50 to me.  It’s also 25% of the way there to a free night at a Category 4 hotel.  Given the other promotion in place, I would certainly consider moving at least one stay to a SPG property.

Were you targeted for an extra SPG promotion?

What did you get?

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  1. I was given double status for Feb 15-April 15. So if I stay 3x and 5 nights it would count as 6 stays and 10 nights. I’m a SPG platinum fwiw.

    1. Matt, that’s the promo I wanted! I don’t think I can make it to 100 nights this year. That’s a pretty nice promo. Are you lifetime Platinum or did you stay 25 stays/50 nights last year?

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