Hilton Is Extending Diamond Status Even If You Didn’t Re-Qualify

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Were you one of the lucky folks who received Diamond status from Hilton in 2017?  I was catching up on some reading and saw that One Mile at a Time noted he was wondering if his Diamond status was extended by Hilton even though he didn’t re-qualify.

It was interesting to me, in that I’m openly contemplating what to do for backup hotel status in 2017.  Even though I haven’t written my year-end recap, I’ve been thinking about what to do.  I’m definitely continuing with Hyatt Diamond (Globalist) status for 2017.  The changes they’ve announced will actually benefit me for 2017.  But, now that I have lifetime SPG Platinum status, I’m not sure if it makes sense to put 75 or 100 nights there to achieve a few more benefits.

I had a few Hilton stays late last year where I was treated well and it got me thinking.  I had previously received Diamond status as a perk for being Executive Platinum with American Airlines.  I came nowhere near re-qualifying in 2016.  But, Ben’s post had me wondering…..

Sure enough, when I logged into my Hilton account, it appears I’ve been extended another year.  Chatting with an agent, it seems I am extended until 2018.  But, as he notes, I’m really not sure.

Extending Diamond Status

If I am extended through 2018, that’s a good thing.  It should give me some time to contemplate my travel plans for this year and next.  More importantly, I might be able to map out some family travel goals.  Those may help point me in the direction of one chain or another.

With the Marriott/SPG merger, it’s hard to predict how valuable higher status with them will be.  There have already been reported growing pains around Marriott’s 4pm late checkout benefit.  Is it worth committing at least 75 nights to SPG to find out?  Decisions, decisions.

Did you receive complimentary Diamond status for 2017 from Hilton?

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  1. It is on a case-by-case basis that can only be verified through calling HHonors. Other blogs quote some members seeing the same message but who are then told that their higher tier status expires 3/31/17. Thus, earning Diamond for 2018 by staying 60 nights is still true for these members who will be downgraded in less than 3 months. Using the word “maintain” is a poor choice, a better one being “requalify”.

  2. I think the indicator is so misleading. I have been Diamond for 5 years the “hard way.” Last year (2016) I only stayed enough for Silver due to my wife having a baby. But my indicator looks exactly like yours (and everyone else’s, so it seems), and I confirmed via chat that my Diamond expires on 3.31.2017. The verbiage implies that the status is through the end of 2017. I wish they would correct all this. Not to mention the fact that I am quite ticked that they have away an extra year of status to tons of folks who did not really qualify while I have a life event and don’t get any kind of grace.

  3. Yep, still Diamond. Did the match from Hyatt last year and never used a single Hilton property. Thexwaybthis year is going it may be the same case again.

  4. Mine is showing the same but from what I remember of the status match it is set to expire at the end of March.

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