500 Free Marriott Rewards Points

For only a limited time, Marriott Rewards is offering 500 points for following them on Instagram and submitting your e-mail address.  You only have until June 21st, 2016 to do this.

First, you need to follow them on Instagram.

Then, you need to enter the e-mail address associated with your Marriott Rewards account here.

Free Marriott Rewards Points

Generally speaking, I’m a bit on the squeamish side when it comes to linking my social channels to companies in this way.  For me personally, enough people know who I am on social media that I figure someone could make the connection between me and my Instagram account without me earning 500 points,  so I might as well pick up the incremental points.

This doesn’t reset the expiration date on points in your account, but 500 points for 2 minutes of work is a win IMO.

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