Easy 20 Euro Discount On A Flight From airberlin

This won’t be widely applicable, but it’s a nice bonus if you’re trying to plan flights for European travel.  Airberlin is offering 2 codes both worth up to a 20 Euro discount on any flight they offer.  All you have to do is sign up for their newsletter.

Once you do that, you’ll receive an e-mail with 2 codes in it that can be used on any flight airberlin offers.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any US codeshare flights to apply this to.  However, it took me all of 5 minutes to sign up for the newsletter and knock 20 Euro off each ticket for an upcoming family trip we’re taking.  All told, I saved almost $100 for 5 minutes of work.



The vouchers I received are good until November in case you’re thinking about signing up as well.  You can unsubscribe after getting the voucher codes if you find the newsletter annoying, but I generally like parking these in a spam folder somewhere just in case I’m hunting for fare sales.

Anyway, not monumental, but I meant to include it in my wrap-up post earlier today and didn’t want to forget.

Side note: I did have one extra code left over if someone needs one.  First person to leave a comment on it, I’ll e-mail it to you.

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  1. Hi Ed,
    I have received only 2 discount codes ,each for 10 euro.
    Maybe it is because I have already been a subscriber.

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