Learn How To Earn Miles While Sitting On Your Couch

Or at the kitchen table, or your office.  The majority of miles and points are not earned from flying or staying in hotels.  Nowadays, credit cards are the powerful engine that drives many loyalty programs.

I’ve done some pretty crazy things to earn miles.  I’ve filled out hundreds of cards and envelopes in a marathon day (I’ve even convinced my wife to do that a few times).  I’ve bought boxes of dollar coins, cases of cereal and a long list of other things.  All of these were in the name of travel, free/cheap travel to wonderful destinations.

I’ve never really focused on some of the more aggressive techniques mostly out of a function of time, but there’s an event coming up that’s a great way to get acquainted with ways to earn lots of miles.

You can find info about the event here.  And, tickets are still on sale.

Essentially, it’s a day filled with learning about how to buy and sell things like gift cards and merchandise using credit cards that earn miles/points.  As I said, I haven’t dipped my toe deeper into these waters, but since this event is (relatively) in my back yard, I’m looking to lock this date in my calendar and learn more.

The biggest benefit that I find personally from events like this is the socializing.  Being able to network with folks who are part of this hobby and have knowledge to share is the best way for me to learn.  It looks like this event will have that as well.

If you’re in the DC area, this is worth a look if you’re ready to graduate from the introductory levels and learn new techniques.

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