The Ultimate Aviation Geek Event Is Back

Picture a long weekend where you pretty much do nothing but fly to far-flung airports and participate in activities even the most ardent aviation enthusiast likely has never done.  Walking around the factory floor at Boeing, where the public tours aren’t allowed to go.  Be the first group of non-aviation employee folks to tour a 787.  Or a Dreamlifter.  Or the first frames of the Bombardier C Series.

It’s a little hard for me to believe there have been 6 of these epic adventures, but the 7th version of the MegaDO is about to launch!

The Star Alliance is the host alliance of the next adventure and Europe is the setting.  While I’m not involved in the planning for this event, the itinerary looks pretty darn cool.


I recall getting to see the concept designs for the Bombardier C Series planes back in 2011 when a MegaDO took us to Montreal.  It was pretty cool to be a part of a plane that hadn’t taken to the air yet, and I can’t wait to experience the C Series.  Attendees of StarMegaDO 7 will get the chance to see one of SWISS Air’s new CS 100s as they are the launch customer for that plane.

I’ve been to Zurich and Athens, but I’ve never been to Airbus’ private airport in Hamburg, nor have I been to Mykonos.  In Athens, the Arion Astir Palace is a wonderful property we enjoyed a few days at last year.


As a participant, you’ll receive Star Alliance Gold status through Aegean Airlines as the host carrier.  We enjoyed their product on our short flight from Athens to Paris.

According to the organizers of SMD7, Aegean is also awarding a top prize of 100,000 miles to the person who flies the most during their post-SMD promotion:

The Explore Aegean campaign, which happens only on Aegean metal


The SMD7 participant who takes the most Aegean flights in the month of June 2016 through August 2016 gets awarded 100.000 Aegean Miles+Bonus miles.

The points contest:

Contest period: June 1st through August 31st.

The person with the most points gets Miles+Points Gold for 5 years

Second place gets 250K miles

Third Place gets 100K miles

How do you earn points?

Star Alliance flight in Economy Class: 1 point

Star Alliance flight in Business Class: 5 points

Aegean Flight in Economy Class: 5 points

Aegean Flight in Business Class: 10 points

Visit 5 Aegean/Olympic served Airports in Greece: 20 points

Visit 10 Aegean/Olympic Airports in Greece: 50 points

Visit all Aegean/Olympic Airports in Greece: 100 points

Get 1 Extra point when you post a picture on Instagram from each flight/ airport visit.

Must register all flights to Aegean miles+points to qualify.

There’s also talk of SPG and Marriott promos, though the details of those are still under wraps.

Tickets go on sale today at 10am PDT/1pm EDT.  I would expect them to sell quickly.  In the past, MegaDO events have sold out in less than 10 minutes.  So, if you’re thinking about going, you’ll need to be ready promptly today to grab your tickets.

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