25% Off Tumi Luggage!

Amazon is featuring a 25% off sale on Tumi luggage right now for holiday shopping.  I generally like the styling of Tumi but I don’t like the price tag.  25% off Tumi luggage isn’t the best discount I’ve seen this year (40% is), but there are some deals to be had.  And, the selection is much wider on this sale than the 25% one.

The Tumi Vapor Continental Carry-on for $371 instead of $495 is one if you’re looking for a new carry-on spinner.

25% Off Tumi Luggage

The Tumi Vapor Lite Large Trip Packing Case is an example of a bigger bag that’s 25% off.

25% Off Tumi Luggage

The sale runs through December 13th, so you have some time.  And, unlike the 40% off sale, there’s a much bigger selection.  I saw a few items with half a dozen color choices where the bigger sale was generally only on one color.

At retail pricing, I still prefer Briggs & Riley to Tumi.  But, I know plenty of people like the Tumi styling and 25% off definitely makes it a more worthy debate.

Happy shopping!

As an aside, the Amazon links in this post are referral links.  I earn a commission if you purchase one of these items. Those commissions are spent on gifts for blog readers (I have one of those coming up shortly), travel and the occasional gift for my children.

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