Want To Perform Better In Bed? Check Into A Hotel (Duh)!

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Boy, can only imagine the SEO on that blog title.

There’s a new survey out featuring respondents from a number of countries that compare their sex life at home to when they stay in a hotel.

Want To Perform Better in Bed?

Kudos to the folks at Hotel Tonight for giving us such fodder to joke about!  A few “stats”:

  • 73% of Americans said that they’re more adventurous in a hotel, while only 37% of the Spanish said so about themselves
  • 46% of Americans think they perform better in a hotel, while only 14% of Germans claimed the same
  • Mexicans say their ‘performance’ lasts a whopping 49 minutes longer when in a hotel, while the Spanish only tack on an additional 22 minutes. Americans come in at 29 minutes

Uh, well, without getting into too much detail, I think my wife would kill me if I were a Mexican and we stayed in hotels a lot!

Shockingly, the #1 reason people say it’s more exciting is “New & exciting surroundings”.  You know they weren’t thinking about the local Motel 6 when they answered that question.  It’s amazing how the mind can romanticize a hotel stay as awesome when not all of them are.

I think it’s interesting to see the cultural differences here, like only 14% of Germans thinking they perform better in hotels.  Maybe they need to pick better hotels…..


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