SUPER Cheap Flights To Greece!

Who said every cloud doesn’t have a silver lining?

I’m guessing new bookings to Greece may have dropped a bit, and the sale announced yesterday by Aegean Airlines is another good piece of evidence in support of that.

They’re offering tickets to Athens and Thessaloniki for 19 Euro and tickets FROM Greece to elsewhere in their network for 39 Euro.

ETA: reading is apparently harder than I thought. As pointed out to me in comments, the T&C of the fare sale are for domestic segments. However, when I looked at this yesterday I saw cheap flights from Paris, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Berlin, etc, all in the price ranges. 

Cheap Flights to Greece

That’s a screaming good deal, especially considering what I paid for tickets to get from Greece to Paris for our trip later this summer (hint: quite a bit more than 39 Euro).

Why is this relevant?  They fly a lot of places in Europe:

Cheap Flights to Greece


And, you can get there from a bunch of places in the US.  For example, US Airways flies nonstop from Philly, United has a lot of connecting itineraries through Frankfurt with Lufthansa.  And, Aegean is a Star Alliance partner, which means you can earn PQMs and RDMs on United (though you may not want to, depending on the fare class).

So, consider a quick detour to Greece.  And, you might want to bring some cash with you.  😉



  1. While they do normally have flights around Europe from €39, this particular sale only involves their domestic network. Still, they have enough flights around Greece that this is still a cheap way to get around!

  2. I’m sorry, but I don’t see how difficult it could have been to understand that this is a DOMESTIC only sale. So this is flights IN Greece, not TO Greece as suggested by the title.

    I haven’t checked the rest of the international network, so maybe there is a (another) sale or indeed the fares may have dropped anyway. I have my doubts they are this low, however, and certainly not mentioned by this sale notice.

  3. Title is misleading since this promo is only for domestic flights. Why would you fly to Greece if you’re already IN Greece? 😉

    1. Joey, you’re right that the T&C of the sale are due domestic flights only and it was silly of me to miss that. But, when I looked at their low fare calendar yesterday I saw cheap flights from Paris, Berlin, Istanbul, Frankfurt. And, double-checking this morning, I still see lots of ultra-cheap one-way fares. Istanbul and Frankfurt strike me as the easiest cities to get to on Star Alliance and then very cheaply on to Greece.

  4. Thanks for posting!!! I agree, the fares are super cheap. Last year when we flew from Thessaloniki to Paris ( via Athens), one ticket was $145.80 and the other was $196.90 including tax (I could only find one ticket available at the lower price). When I saw the post today, I checked dates for 10/07/2015. That ticket would cost me $60.15( including tax. There were several other dates at that price . That’s less than half-price of what I paid. In my opinion, that’s a super deal. So it’s safe to say the low-price fares are not only domestic flights.

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