American Airlines Is Beefing Up Service At SFO

Starting this fall, American will be adding flights out of San Francisco to both Los Angeles and New York/JFK.  Airline is reporting an increase in frequency on SFO-LAX from 9 flights a day to 11 or 12, while JFK goes from 5 flights a day to 6 or 7.  While American Airlines is beefing up service at SFO, here’s a look at the competition.

With United’s departure from JFK, they’re pulling 7 flights all on 757s.  But, that still leaves 5x a day on Delta, 4x on Virgin and a ramp-up in JetBlue’s service from 4 flights a day to 6 to compete with American.

American Airlines Is Beefing Up Service At SFO

There’s even more competition on the SFO-LAX route.  American Airlines operates the route with a variety of aircraft from regional jets like the E175 to the 737-800.

United Airlines flies the route 14 times a day with a similar range of planes as small as regional jets, though they fly the slightly bigger 737-900 on a few as well.  Here’s a snapshot of their frequencies:

American Airlines Is Beefing Up Service At SFO

Delta will be operating 13 flights a day on that route in the fall, though with decidedly smaller aircraft.  The biggest plane they fly is the 717, a type they acquired a bunch of from Southwest after the AirTran merger.  At only 110 seats, that’s about 40 seats smaller than AA’s 737-800 and 60 seats smaller than United’s 739s.

American Airlines Is Beefing Up Service At SFO

Virgin America weighs in with 9 flights a day, mostly on the Airbus A320.

American Airlines Is Beefing Up Service At SFO


When you add Southwest’s 10 daily flights on 737-300s to the mix, you get another 1400-ish seats in the market:

Screenshot 2015-06-20 22.00.06

Add it all up and it’s over 5,000 seats a day in either direction, most of them full.  That’s a heck of a lot of seats.

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