My Favorite Travel Toiletry Kit

I’m putting together a list of my favorite travel items that make my time on the road easier.  Once I get a few of them written up, I’ll find a useful section on the site for them.  For now, you can see the review I wrote on my favorite portable phone charger and a list of some items we found invaluable for traveling with kids.

For years, I had a travel toiletry kit that I hated.  It didn’t fit everything I wanted and was bulky.  I upgraded to a mini Rimowa case I got as a gift, but it wasn’t big enough to hold things like my comb and electric toothbrush.

Then, I tested out the Express Toiletry Kit from Briggs & Riley.  It’s the perfect kit for me for a number of reasons.  Let’s start with a couple of pictures:

Toiletry Kit

Toiletry Kit

Toiletry Kit

The kit is easy to fit into tight spaces in my suitcase/backpack.  You can roll it up and zip it shut and put it in your rollaboard.  Or, lay it out flat for a thinner profile (both compartments zip independently) and slide it into a backpack.  I can easily fit my electric toothbrush case, deodorant, comb, Q-tips, razor and electric trimmer with space to spare.  On the liquid side, while it’s not waterproof, it’s fairly water-resistant.  And, it fits more than a quart-sized bag of liquids.  So, if you qualify for TSA PreCheck and have a few extra things to bring, it generally holds everything together tightly, so I’ve never been flagged when I had an extra bottle of liquids outside of my baggie.

It has a velcro loop that easily adjusts for hanging from a hook on the back of a door as well as a vent pouch on the back that can be used to hang over towel rods, etc.

And, like all Briggs & Riley products, it comes with a lifetime warranty, though I can’t imagine what I could possibly do to a toiletry kit to break it.  I guess a zipper could fail, but I’ve never had a B&R zipper fail.

Amazon carries them (link to view and purchase), as do most online luggage stores, but you won’t find the products discounted very often.

Before I could buy one for myself my wife whispered in my dad’s ear and one showed up for my birthday last year.  It’s a really simple travel piece, and yet it’s an absolute perfect fit for me.


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  1. Totally agree on this dopp kit. I had a different one from Briggs & Riley, but it was a bit too bulky for my liking. This one is the perfect combination of simplicity, space and function. Nice review and well worth the money.

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