Quick Trivia Question For Free Amazon & Starbucks!

There’s no question I love to travel.  But, I also love travel, pretty much most things related to travel like airplanes, trains, hotels, and of course status, miles and points.  It’s why I quiz my daughter about plane types when we’re hanging in an airport.

Quick Trivia Question

That’s a quick pic of my daughter reading a book after she looked out the window and correctly identified the plane in the background.  That’s an easy answer if you know planes, so not our trivia question today.

While most people are thinking normal thoughts while traveling I’m usually thinking about the next trip, or other travel-related minutiae.  I was recently in a state capital at a children’s museum with my kids (if you follow me on Twitter, that’s a bit of a clue to one of the answers).

As we were sitting there, I was pretty sure that the state capital didn’t have any commercial air service.  For the purposes of this question, commercial air service would be regularly scheduled flights by any of the major US carriers or someone who’s flying for them.

I checked and confirmed my suspicions, that the state capital I was in didn’t have commercial air service.  To me, it was an interesting observation, in that state capitals are, in theory, supposed to play a role in commerce and legislation, and one would think that air service might be important to the ability to lobby and conduct business in the state.  With the internet, that’s obviously less important, but it still lead me to the question of whether this state was alone in having a capital city not served by a commercial airline.  I immediately thought of one other, but decided to go through all 50 states.

ETA:  A couple of folks pointed out to me that there are 10 cities without air service!  I’ll be awarding a couple of extra Starbucks cards for folks who pointed out my error.

I came up with 10.  Between today and tomorrow (Sunday) at 11:59pm EDT, e-mail me at ed -at-milepoint dot com the 9 answers.  If you’re right, I’ll randomly draw two winners.  One will win a $25 Amazon gift card, the other will get a $5 Starbucks gift card.  I would imagine this won’t get a ton of responses like most contests, since it requires a bit of work.  So, odds should be good!

Good luck!


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  1. Dadgum, I didn’t even realize this was a thing, as I’ve been mostly offline over the break. First that popped into my head was Topeka, as I’ve flown into Manhattan, KS directly, and also done the drive from MCI to Manhattan. That first time driving by Topeka, wondered why they didn’t have air service.

    Trying to think of others, but it’s tough. Maybe Dover, DE; Montpelier VT; and Concord, NH? Then you’ve got random capitals like Carson City, Jefferson City, and Harrisburg, which probably don’t have commercial service. Maybe Jackson MS, but that’s probably the only decent-sized city in the state, so probably has some commercial service. Frankfort KY probably doesn’t, guessing it mostly goes through Lexington or CVG, or maybe Louisville. Does Salem OR have service? I know EUG does. Olympia doesn’t, I’d think it all goes through SEA.

  2. So, the contest is closed, but I should win something for having lived in two of these cities, Carson City, NV (though I always flew out of RNO, less than 30 minutes away) and Montpelier, VT (again, Burlington is close enough but don’t have many flights). What can I say, I like mountains.

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