Sunday Travel Humor: A Must Buy!

I’m sure I’ve seen pictures of this before but never in the context of travel.  This is really just priceless:

Ostrich Pillow


Meet the Ostrich Pillow.  Uh, yeah.  No way I’m wearing that thing on an airplane.  Nor pretty much any other place I can think of.  But, the comments in the Amazon review section really are priceless.  Here’s just a little taste:

Ostrich Pillow


I know I gave this pillow 5 stars, but I have to list a few grievances…
1. Not made for ostriches: My pet ostrich freaked out initially when I put her head in this pillow. Yes, she is over 16 years of age. Eventually she calmed down and stopped kicking me with her dinosaur talons. Then she ran out of air. The mouth hole doesn’t fit an ostrich.
2. Not made from ostriches: No part of this pillow was made from an ostrich. A bit misleading.
3. Allows bullies to really beat on while you struggle to get free. I tested this out on quite a few friends who deserved it.
4. Not compatible with bong: The ostrich pillow has zero percent compatibility with any water pipes. But it’s OK to get high first and then wear it.
5. Not for extraverts: If you’re outgoing, this pillow will actually hamper your ability to participate socially with others.
All in all, a fine way to disappear into your psychic void and whisper to the demons that haunt it.


Epic.  Bonus points for anyone who can guess what airport the picture was taken in.  I’m honestly not sure.


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    1. @Corey, I haven’t been to Stansted.
      @AlexB, haven’t been to Madrid either. But, the airport does look European from the signage.

  1. It could be Madrid – the exit sign format suggests Europe, and Madrid has multi-color concourses that could be indicated in the signage…and a large wavy roof. (By Madrid I mean Barajas Airport Terminal 4, the new one that is home to Iberia and oneworld.)

  2. This was a kickstarter project that did very well. I bought one for a friend that fell asleep at his desk frequently. He never used it.

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