Verizon Offering Free In-Flight Wifi On Gogo and All Jet Blue Flights For “Connection Day”

Thanks to one of my readers for sending this along.

Verizon is offering free wi-fi in a few different ways, along with some other goodies.  You don’t have to be a Verizon customer, though there is an extra gift if you are.

They’re dubbing Wednesday, November 26th (the day before Thanksgiving) “Connection Day”.

On that day only, you can get 30 free minutes of Gogo in-flight wi-fi if you happen to be flying that day.  I feel a bit of sympathy for those that have to brave airports at these peak times.

A bit less specific is also a free session with Boingo for airport wi-fi.  This one doesn’t say it needs to be used on Connection Day.

And, finally, it looks like all JetBlue flights equipped with Fly-Fi will be free from November 26th until the end of 2014.  While I haven’t tried the service yet, I’ve heard from friends that it’s wicked fast.  It’s been free for a while for the basic level of service and I think JetBlue was debating what to do going forward.  Looks like they found a corporate sponsor to kick the can down the road just a bit longer.

Good for us as customers!

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