Did You Win a United Club Pass?

Random.org gave me a bit of help picking the winners of the 2 United Club Passes I was giving away.  They are:

Candace, who said:

I like them for award availability.

I agree.  That’s one of the few bright spots for me, though made much dimmer when they crushed partner redemptions with the Black Friday devaluation.

Hemant, who said:

I fly them frequently non-stop IAD-SEA. Generally on time, however it has been very hard to get upgraded post-merger. When I do get upgraded – I find the first class amenities somewhat mediocre.

Couldn’t agree more, Hemant.  As a 1K I average around a 50% success rate on upgrades, far lower than on American.  Given, a lot of my flights are hub-to-hub, but my numbers are dismal.  The food in F is such that I don’t plan to eat onboard (or bring food on) when I do get upgraded.  If the meal choice happens to be something enjoyable, it’s a surprise.  While there are lots of good and bad employees in all large workplaces, I find I run into more sullen United employees than their competitors.

Anyway, congrats to both of you.  Shoot me an e-mail at ed -at- milepoint dot com and I’ll get your pass in the mail to you.

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