Bailout Package Passes in Senate

The Senate approved a modified version of the bailout package that failed to pass the House of Representatives. While I’m generally happy that this has cleared one of the hurdles to inception, I’m a bit disappointed in the Senate (mostly Senate Republicans) who attached a number of pretty useless tax credits.

As it’s been explained, these things were bound to pass later, so we shouldn’t worry too much. Besides, everyone should feel very comfortable that we no longer need to worry about the businesses who had to pay excise tax on wooden arrows for children. That tax has been waived. I’m sure there will be a substantial decrease in the price of wooden arrows very soon.

On a separate note, the Giants play the Seahawks at the Meadowlands this weekend. Our star wide received, Plaxico Burress has been suspended for one week. Before his suspension, I felt we were going to crush Seattle. Now, I expect Steve Smith and Amani Toomer to shoulder the weight, with the Giants posting a 24-17 win to roll to 4-0.

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