Vice-Presidential Debate

I watched the Vice-Presidential debate with my wife and best friend last evening. My view is a bit different than David’s.

First, I was specifically annoyed that, for the most part, Sarah Palin chose to answer a different set of questions than the moderator actually chose. While she did this deftly, scoring points against Joe Biden, I think the moderator did ask a few questions I would have liked to hear her answer.

Which leads to my next annoyance, one that David and I seemed to share, even though he told me I was wrong at the beginning of the debate. On POTUS 08, a great channel on XM Radio, Rudy Giuliani made the point that if the moderator of the debate were writing a book on John McCain (referring to the fact that Gwen Iffil authored a book on Barack Obama), there would be far more outcry from the liberal media than there was about Gwen. I watched with interest, and feel like she definitely asked some questions that really were slanted to the left.

I found myself listening to Joe Biden and being engaged in most of what he said, even when I disagreed with what he was saying. I keep coming back to the fact that I wish he was at the top of the ticket, and wrestling with the decision of how much weight I should give the VP selections, as I like Obama’s much more than McCain’s, even though I don’t respect Obama’s accomplishments.

The question still remains in my mind as to which one will do a better job leading our country. Though I suspect that the current economic crisis, coupled with the Republican subterfuge surrounding the bailout bill, has killed McCain’s chances of being elected President.

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