Don’t Miss Out On Cheap Flights To Europe!

You probably haven’t heard of them, but Wow Air is about to make things more interesting for international travel.  They’re a small airline based in Iceland that’s only been flying since 2012.  Since then, they’ve been offering cheap flights to and from Iceland to various European destinations.  And now, they’re launching service to the US.

For now, they’re only flying to Boston and BWI (Baltimore).

Europe cheap flight

But, boy, are they tearing it up on price.  Fares are as low as $99 one-way to Iceland and in the $150-200 range to various destinations in Europe.  As you can see, they have service to some very desirable cities like Rome, Paris and London.  These fares have been out for a couple of days now.  I was surprised to see them still around this morning and don’t expect them to last much longer.  Here’s a month-by-month look at fares out of BWI to Iceland:

Europe cheap flightThose $99 fares from BWI in April, May and June keep winking at me!  I’ve never been to Iceland.  Here’s a quick snapshot at fares to Copenhagen from BWI as well:

Europe cheap flightI did some poking around for flights on other airlines from DC to Copenhagen, and don’t find much cheaper than $800.  Some pretty sick deals.

They’re not likely to last.  So, if you’re on the East coast, consider a cheap ticket to position yourself in Boston or Baltimore (or drive, if you’re close enough).  These deals are likely gone soon.


    1. Almost $1,500 for two passengers round trip between BWI and Iceland (KEF) in the middle of August (Wed to Sun). That included two exit row extra-leg-room seats, and up to 12kg of carry ons each.

      That’s really good, I think.

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