Did You Get A $200 Airline Ticket To The Middle East Last Night?

For a brief period of time early this morning (around midnight EDT), you could buy a $160 airline ticket to India. Or, $200 to Jordan.  $350-ish would get you to Dubai.  These deals were all on Emirates, from big US gateway cities like New York, Chicago, DC, Los Angeles, Dallas, and San Francisco.  Alas, it died a quiet death 3 hours after it started, all while I was comfortably asleep.

You would think that mistake fares would become a thing of the past at some point, with technology to aid airlines in setting prices correctly.  And, it’s possible this one wasn’t a mistake, though I likely think it was.

But, that’s why it pays to follow The Flight Deal on Twitter, as they’re always busy tweeting about such things when the opportunity arises.

It may sound crazy, but these are great opportunities to visit a place on your bucket list (or add a new destination to it).  Most folks have an idea where they want to travel on vacation this year/next year.  They may even have those trips booked (as a serial procrastinator booking travel, I certainly don’t), and ignore these opportunities.

But, if you’re at all interested in visiting one of these places, you’ll rarely see fares this cheap.  Why not grab one?  I use the phrase “100 vacations in your lifetime” as a benchmark for the average number of vacations someone will end up taking.  There are far more than 100 places I’d want to visit if they were all cheap/free.  Taking advantage of a cheap fare like this is a great way to squeeze in a destination you may never have gotten around to scheduling.

Why not make it 101?

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