10 Days In Italy: Trevi Fountain (Semi) Closed For Business

In case you missed it, here are the previous and upcoming posts about our summer trip to Italy:

We had heard ahead of time that the Trevi Fountain would be closed for renovation.  The Trevi Fountain is an iconic part of Rome, even when besieged by tourists.  The crumbling facade had lead to the need for a massive facelift, courtesy of Fendi.  Even though they had noted there would be a walkway over the fountain and a small portion open to still drop coins in, we found neither when we arrived.  There was something that looked like it could have been a walkway over part of the fountain, but it was definitely closed during our visit.

Days In Italy

There was a plexiglass shield surrounding the fountain and the water had been drained, but there was no obvious work going on while we were there, so folks were still throwing coins over the plexiglass.  Police officers patrolling the area showed no signs of stopping anyone.

For those unaware of the coin tradition, you’re supposed to throw coins over your left shoulder with your right hand.

Legend has it that throwing one coin ensures your return to Rome.  A second coin means you’ll find new romance.  And, three coins will lead to marriage.  Serial bachelors, beware!

At the age of 8, we decided our daughter should stick to just throwing one coin for now.

Days In Italy

My wife and I had visited before and thrown 3 coins.  I guess you could say the legend worked out for us!  We threw coins again and then posed for a quick picture.  Charlie had decided he was nowhere near being in a good mood, so our trip to the fountain was cut short.

Days In Italy

Days In Italy

For those planning a trip in the near future, be aware that the fountain is scheduled to be closed until the end of 2015. Despite the over commercialism of street vendors around the fountain, it’s still a beautiful piece of Roman history.  It’s worth a few minutes as you explore Rome.


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