More United Beverage Vouchers To Give Away

It seems that the generosity of my readers continues….

Reader David H. (who also happens to be my best friend) read about my anonymous reader who pledged his United beverage vouchers, and decided to offer up 10 United Airlines beverage vouchers for me to give away.

I’ll give them away as 5 pairs, and all you have to do is leave me a comment letting me know where you’re headed and what flight you’d like a free drink on.  Extra points as always for making me laugh.

I’ll draw the winners sometime on Thursday, so leave your comments between now and 11:59pm on Wednesday, August 27th.

A big thanks to David  for keeping a few of my readers from going thirsty!


  1. Where am I going – all over the place. Next trip Toronto, London, NY, Chicago, and Phoenix – all on United. Can use a drink or two. Thanks.

  2. Heading to Germany with my boss in two weeks. I wish United would follow the positive changes at Delta (booze) and not the bad (PQD).

  3. Weekend commuting between PHL and SFO. Can’t decide if I need the drink more to:
    A. Relax after the terrible boarding process at PHL; or
    B. Be plastered before landing back in Philadelphia.

  4. The good news: I’m flying to Milan. The bad news: that comes with a 4 1/2 hour connection time in Newark. That, alone, mandates a drink once I’m on the plane.

  5. Jacksonville to Manila on November- a 26 hour flight in total. I could surely use a drink so I’ll pass out on the Chicago – Narita 13 hour flight in cattle class.
    Did I mention I’m doing it again? Manila to Jacksonville in December. Another 13 hour flight in cattle class.

    I could hear myself saying mooo as I await my fate

  6. Going from CID to LAX next month to have a Sunday Funday with an old college roommate. I’ll be tailgating all day Saturday combined with an early morning flight on Sunday. A few complimentary Heinekens would kick off the day in style and definitely take the edge of the hangover I will inevitably have!

  7. Well: We could use them on SFO-ORD-SFO this weekend; or SFO-EWR-SFO, SFO-DEN-SFO, or SFO-MSY-IAH-SFO the next month. There is no way we’ll be UG’d on all of these.

    Too bad UA doesn’t count drink purchases towards the annual PQD requirement. :rolleyes:

  8. My fiance (wife!) and I will be using United miles to return home from our honeymoon in Bali, DPS to LAX! Free isn’t a bad price for the award tickets, but 33 hours in coach… now that’s gonna cost us. haha. Thanks Pizzainmotion!

  9. Heading to Hawaii for a Babymoon.
    Last Hurrah. Kid will be here soon.
    My prego wife can’t use these
    So two little bottles for me, if you please.

  10. Heading to Vegas in the 2nd week of Sep for my best friend’s bachelor party and would love to get some drinks before the party!!!

  11. Would love to have a few drink tickets for my trip to New Orleans. I’ll buy the hurricane mix and beignets in NO and keep the party going on the plane

  12. Headed to Chicago for an interview… Moving there from California, will probably be drinking a lot more soon.

  13. i am currently a volunteer teacher in the poorest part of the poorest state in india. needless to say, it’s been an incredible challenge. needful to say is that it is and continues to be incredibly rewarding. i will be here until december, return to boston for a family xmas, and then return to india once again (on UAL freq flyer miles!!). anyhow, after all the trials and tribulations and joys and happinesses experienced here in india, when i take off from kolkotta for my monster flight….ahem….cough cough….it ~sure~ would be nice to “kick a few back” on my long journey home. thanks! rh

  14. Headed to Calgary Canada in Oct….ill need a few to keep me warm and they may help me sound more Canadian too 😉

  15. my wife and I are doing PHL > ORD > HNL on United, 2 day stop over, then HNL > PPT > BOB for our honeymoon; could use a few drinks after shelling out for that airfare 🙂

  16. My annual golf weekend with some college friends is coming up in PSP, so a couple drinks would be great en route from Boston.

  17. Flying solo from LAX to MAD (Spain) via JFK with a 23-month old toddler. If I win, the vouchers won’t be for me, but for the traveler(s) in front or next to us who will have to sit next to a super active toddler who loves-loves-loves to run and jump all the time (new parent here — when does this end…!!!!). Frankly, I need vouchers for the whole freaking plane. 😉

  18. SFO to LAX for my mom’s birthday. She’s been openly campaigning for a grandkid so a couple drinks on the flight down will help me prolong my stall tactics a little while longer.

  19. Heading to Orlando for a conference from Newark. As you know nothing goods happens when you leave Newark plus lots of unhappy kids coming from Orlando. Could you that drink to keep my temper in place!

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