If The Suitcase Fits….

I finished up my review of the Briggs & Riley BRX Explore International Expandable Wide-body Upright just yesterday, but missed a very important piece of information.

As pointed out by JohnSD and gobluetwo, the question was whether this suitcase would fit in one of the sizer bins you’ll commonly see at the gate before boarding a flight.  United actually purchased a bunch of new sizers for all their domestic US airports within the last year, which would normally indicate they were going to ramp up enforcement.  That hasn’t been the case but it’s still a worthwhile question.

I live pretty close to Washington-Dulles Airport so I hopped in the car to track down a sizer.  I was able to find a new United Airlines sizer and throw the bag into it to see what I could see.

The Suitcase

If fit into the sizer just fine with a bit of wiggle room from a depth standpoint and was a couple inches shorter than the height required.  You can be the judge as to whether it’s technically taller than the sizer would allow as I took this picture from ground level.

My personal opinion is that while it is just over the lip of the sizer I doubt this bag would be flagged.  Because it’s shorter than other roller bags, it looks deceptively smaller than it really is.  I certainly don’t regard United as a customer friendly organization right now, so I wouldn’t be shocked to see some of the experienced and less enthusiastic employees decide to give you grief.

There you have it.  Happy to answer any other questions.


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