Our Family Review Of The Movie Planes: Fire And Rescue

The lovable Dusty is back with the release of the new Disney flick Planes: Fire and Rescue.

Family Review

This movie comes as our son is now midway between 3 and 4 years old and has become fascinated with planes, Dusty in particular.  When the first Planes movie came out my son was infatuated with trains and Mater (from the Cars movies).  He didn’t even make it through the whole movie, running around the theater and playing, finally needing to be removed so he didn’t bother the rest of the moviegoers.  Since then, he’s turned over a new leaf and become addicted to planes of all types, and Dusty in particular.  So much so, this was the scene on our recent trip to Italy, our son Charlie with a death grip on Dusty and Dipper while fast asleep.

Family Review

Our family of 4 took off for the theater yesterday to check in on Dusty.  We don’t go to the movies very often, and that’s probably a good thing.  The tickets cost just over $40, and since we hadn’t eaten lunch we chose to do so at the theater and rang up another roughly $60 in sandwiches, salads, drinks, popcorn and candy. Yikes!  Our total bill was just over $100, a threshold I never thought I would break going to a movie.

Fast forward to the start of the movie, and our 8-year old daughter Catherine informed me she wasn’t going to like the movie, she was just there because Charlie wanted to see it.  I reminded her she liked the first one, and she replied that she didn’t like it that much and wouldn’t like this one.  Okayyyy.  🙂

The movie got under way and everyone settled in.  Both of my kids became AC/DC fans midway through when they featured “Thunderstruck” in a crucial scene.

And, there was a reasonable amount of adult humor, including a scene where Dipper, a new female character that reminded me of Dory from Nemo, wraps one of her convertible pontoons around Dusty and says, “Yes, they’re real.”  This time around, American Airlines’ partner British Airways makes an appearance:

Family Review
When it was all done, what did we think?

My wife and I thought the movie was cute, despite the pain felt in my wallet.

Our son, unfortunately, fell fast asleep halfway through.  Nothing we did could wake him.

And, that 8-year old girl who was determined not to like it?  Her reply:




At the top of her lungs in the theater.  A fun, but expensive day.  No wonder people hide popcorn in their purse!

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