You Might Be Seeing Double

Don’t freak out if you see more than one notification of my posts today.  There’s a back story, but I’ll give you the short version.  During the recent migration of my blog to Boarding Area, we added a new feature where folks could receive a newsletter each day of all my posts.

The company that handles that, FeedBlitz, moved over all my subscribers from the old setup to the new one.  Or so I thought.  Shortly after the move people started mentioning they weren’t getting my posts anymore.  Yikes!  There were a lot of people who somehow got lost in the shuffle.

With some help from people smarter than me I was able to move all of the original subscribers to the same sort of notification system on the new blog, where you get instant notification when I post each time.  But, since you may have already signed up for the newsletter, you might get both today.

I’m here to help you get my posts any way you want.  Instant, newsletter, heck I can even print them out and mail them to you, though that might take a while.

If you’re not happy with the amount of information you’re receiving, don’t run away!  Just shoot me an e-mail at -ed- at milepoint dot com and I’ll help you figure out how to get things set right.

I apologize for any inconvenience.  I didn’t want to leave anybody behind, so this seemed like the best solution for now.

If you aren’t signed up for my blog and want to be, or you want to change how you receive my posts, read this post where I detailed all the different ways to follow along.

And, thank you for following along.  It’s pretty cool for me that so many of you enjoy reading what I have to say.

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