Milepoint Is Nominated For The GlobeRunner Awards

It’s been about 3 years since 3 friends and I started Milepoint, a community for frequent travelers.  We were pretty proud of our work and still are today.  We’re not as big as the communities that have been around for a decade or longer.  But, we have a great (IMO) group of members who enjoy helping others get more out of their travel experience.  And, I guess we’re starting to get a little bit of recognition for that, since we were nominated for a GlobeRunner Award for Best General Travel Site.



Now, it’s not like this is a Grammy or an Oscar.  But, like most folks nominated to win something, I’m thrilled that we’re being recognized but I’d like to actually win.

So, if you have a minute and have found Milepoint valuable, I hope you’ll cast a vote!




  1. Would like to try Milepoint, but Forum watching tools are even worse than flyertalk. Makes the site unusable.

    1. MSPpete, when was the last time you tried the forum following tools? We rolled out a new version not too long ago that was a nice improvement.

  2. Voted for Milepoint, just because I was there when you guys launch it and want to see Milepoint grow as big as FT one day.

    1. Karung99, thanks for the vote. More importantly, thanks for being there from the beginning. I’m proud of our small but growing community.

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