Things I Find Interesting On Thursday, October 24th, 2013

  • Looks like Alaska Airlines is fighting back against Delta’s infringement on their turf with double EQMs on a bunch of routes where they compete.  One Mile At a Time has the scoop and he also points out that Alaska is essentially one-upping their partner Delta.  Delta announced expansion of routes such as SEA-LAX, SEA-SFO and SEA-LAS and double redeemable miles.  Alaska included these and added some markets close by, like San Jose, Oakland and Santa Rosa along with double elite qualifying miles.  Looks like these two won’t be playing nicely anytime soon.  Alaska’s promo through the end of May, 2014.
  • United Airlines is diluting the free checked bag benefit for it’s partners and in some cases eliminating it.  This is something of a surprise, but not a huge one.  Delta has been eroding the benefits partners receive on their flights and vice versa for a while now.  United sees an opportunity to pick up some extra fee revenue and they’re grabbing it.  View From the Wing points out that this just brings United closer into comparison with others in the alliance, since Silver members don’t get a free checked bag now.  Bottom line:  Airlines are trying to find more ways to generate revenue.  This move is unlikely to cause an uproar and will likely generate a few (though not a ton) of incremental dollars.

Hope wherever you’re traveling today is fun!  My week was/is Denver and Seattle on the way home to family to take my daughter to a Halloween festival at her school.


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