Time To Vote! A Picture Is Worth….A Free Airline Ticket!

Thanks to everyone who submitted pictures for the contest to win a free airline ticket.  It was very tough selecting the finalists.  There were so many great pictures!  Let’s go over the rules before we get to the finalists.

First, the finalists are competing for one (1) award ticket for coach travel on American Airlines in the continental US, Canada or Mexico.  Travel needs to be booked by the end of 2013, but can be completed at any time open for award availability either this year or next year.

The winner of the contest will be the photo that gets the most votes in the poll included in this post.  If you’re a finalist, I’d recommend getting the word out through that social media stuff I keep hearing about.  😉

Facebook mentions, Twitter notes and comments are all great, but ONLY votes will count.  And, in case your family and friends need a better reason than just supporting you, let them know that I’m giving away a $10 Amazon gift card every day during voting to one winner who leaves a comment here on my blog.  While I intend it to be a random entry, I’m always prone to things that make me laugh.

Voting will run for five days and conclude at 11:59pm EDT, Monday, October 14th.

IMPORTANT:  Everyone can vote once a day.  I’ll be a bit liberal on this, but anyone cramming the ballot box will have those votes removed.  So, encourage your friends and family (and their friends and family) to take a quick moment to vote each day during voting.  And, heck, while you’re at it, feel free to tell them to take a look around my little corner of the Internet.  I’d sure appreciate it.  Now, on to the finalists.  I really did try very hard to cull these down, but I couldn’t eliminate any of these 8 fun, witty, whimsical and picturesque entries:


1.  The 8-year old boy in me couldn’t pass this one up.  Let’s call it “Surveying What’s Behind”.  Leslie’s submission of what I assume is one of the crawling statues in Prague.

Free Airline Ticket


2.  Eddy’s submission gives us a sense of our place in the world as his wife hikes through the Bamboo Forest in Hawaii.




3.  Jessica’s submission of a colorful stop in Russia.




4.  Joel submitted this picture of his son on top of Jungfrau in Switzerland.



5.  La Viajera Morena making an impression on those stone faces in Tula, Mexico.




6.  I don’t like to pick favorites, but this one of Nicole’s family in Porec, Croatia makes me want to throw my kids on a plane and go somewhere fun!




7.  Perry’s submission is of him and his wife at Machu Picchu, a place on my bucket list.

Peru Trip 2013 292



8.  And, last, but certainly not least, is Tara’s submission of her daughter feeding the seagulls on vacation in Ocean City.  Tara has a real knack with a camera.  Talk about capturing a moment!

July 2012 515a



Good luck, everyone!



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  1. I vote for 5 – dynamic and static contrasted.

    5. La Viajera Morena making an impression on those stone faces in Tula, Mexico.

    1. Anne, I agree. I felt like I was sitting on the beach. Don’t forget to vote and comment again tomorrow for another chance to win.

  2. #6. Great juxtaposition between the old stone steps and the fresh, happy faces of the travelers. And I want that hat!

    1. Elizabeth wants the hat, Laurie wants the legs! I didn’t know we were claiming different parts of the picture! I lay claim to the flowers for my wife and daughter.

  3. Let’s see…I own the hat and legs…soooo…I’ll take the ticket! My husband took this photo on the steps of an apartment in Porec. There were signs taped up to the walls with arrows pointing to “the cats.” We were curious as to what that meant, so we followed the signs. At the end, there was a big courtyard of an apartment complex with more than twenty cats laying all over the yard on old couches and planks. A tin can was chained to the gate asking for monetary donations to help feed them. Instead, we drove over to the food store and bought several bags of food with a note that said, “Love, Mike and Darby” who are our rescue cats. We got mixed up in the alley’s and stumbled upon these beautiful steps on the way to deliver the bags. It’s one of my favorite photo’s from the trip. Plus, those two kids didn’t even complain once that entire day!

  4. Fun contest! My hubby entered the picture without telling me first – but what a great picture to capture a surreal experience. I definitely recommend a visit when in Maui.

  5. #6 Elizabeth, love the comment on the stairway to heaven. Makes me think that from up above that’s the debate of the day. Notice she’s still on the first step. Knowing Nicole…they ain’t letting her in. Love ya Nic. <3

    1. Oh, I expect to do a few years purgatory for sure. But, I have a feeling there will be a few others I know waitin’ out the same decision. Hint hint.

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