The Winner Of Yesterday’s $10 Amazon Gift Card And An Update on Voting

Thanks to everyone who’s voted so far for their favorite picture.  Just a reminder that voting will be open until Monday and you can vote once each day until the conclusion.  Additionally, I’ll be awarding a $10 Amazon gift card each day to a random (or less than random if it makes me laugh) comment on the voting post.  Yesterday’s winner, who gave me a good chuckle was Laurie MacAllister:

$10 Amazon Gift Card


Thanks, Laurie.  That gave me a good laugh.  I’ll be in touch for your prize.  As day two of voting is well under way, Leslie sitting atop the statue has taken the lead from Nicole’s family (and those legs that Laurie wants so much).  Nicole’s family dropped all the way to 4th overnight but is rallying hard to move back up to 2nd.  Still plenty of voting left…..


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