Points Hound Ups Its Game With A 500 Mile Bonus On All Bookings This Month

Points Hound is out with another valuable offer to win your business.  They’re awarding an additional 500 miles from your favorite airline program for each booking you make in the month of June.  And, that’s for any reservations in the future as long as you book by the end of June. Now’s a good time to book any hotel travel you were considering.

Mile Bonus



There are plenty of sites that offer bonuses and rebates for booking your hotel stays through them.  Points Hound is different in two ways.  First, they offer you the opportunity to earn elite benefits at popular hotel chains and have your hotel status recognized.  That’s not something the major online travel agencies (OTAs) like Orbitz and Expedia do.  Generally, bookings through those channels with the major chains don’t qualify for points or stay credits.  Second, Points Hound is giving away a very generous amount of miles as a commission/rebate for your business.

500 miles extra just makes it that much more sweet.  I’ve had a few bumps and bruises with my first few bookings but I’ve had an open dialogue with Points Hound that I’ll be documenting soon to help readers.

No special codes needed for this offer, just sign up for Points Hound and get started.

Note, the Points Hound links in this e-mail earn you and I both a 250 mile bonus when you sign up and book a room.  I’ve done a fair number of giveaways over the past 12 months and I plan to add any referral bonuses from this to a future giveaway.  Feel free to post your own referral link in the comments here if you’re looking for more miles!


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  1. I have been using PH for a year or more and didn’t realize you could book the major chains and still get status credit. I had a minor “bump” with them and had to contact them once and they immediately responded, rectified and even threw in a couple of lounge passes for something that was not that big of an issue. Excellent service!

    1. Dumammy, it’s actually fairly recent that they’ve offered the “Double Dip”. No elite status credit was a complete non-starter for me so I ignored them for a while. They released this a few months ago.

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