Hyatt Filling In Two More Areas On The Map

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Hyatt is dropping two more pins on the map in places where they’re currently a bit under served.

First up, construction is under way for a new Hyatt House in downtown Salt Lake City. Hyatt has a few properties in Utah but only one downtown, a Hyatt Place.

I’d rather see a full-service property like a Hyatt Regency, but I’m glad to see more presence in downtown.

Limited service/extended stay is an area I think Hyatt has an edge in its competitors. I was having a discussion with some friends this weekend about Hyatt as it relates to this. Virtually all Hyatt Place and Hyatt House hotels are new construction now. The existing properties that were converted are all imminently going through renovations. That means the vast majority of time you find a Hyatt Place or Hyatt House it will be newer and more modern (and have a better list of benefits, IMO).

The quality of their limited service and extended stay products outweighs the fact that they lag behind their competitors in the sheer number of properties. And, while Hyatt’s smaller, part of where the big chains dominate in sheer numbers of rooms is by having 3 or 4 properties in a much smaller market. Having 3 old, tired properties in a secondary market versus one new property is not an equal proposition, IMO.

Hyatt will also be adding a full service Hyatt Regency to the Amsterdam market. They already have an Andaz that’s on my list to visit and they’ll be adding a Hyatt Place later this year. A Hyatt Regency is a nice addition to this market.

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