Hyatt Finally Has A Property Where They Started: LAX Airport

Hyatt announced the grand opening of the Hyatt Place Los Angeles/LAX/El Segundo.  Gotta love one of the longest official names for a hotel I’ve ever seen.  Hyatt started as Hyatt House when the Pritzker family bought the property adjacent to LAX back in 1957.  55 years later, they’re back.  Time sure flies.

Hyatt Place is a limited-service brand, but their newly built properties are much better than the AmeriSuites properties they took over 5 or 6 years ago.  As a new build, they’re actually pretty decent properties, at/near the top of limited-service brands IMO.  I actually had an opportunity to tour the brand lab where Hyatt has the demo rooms for both Hyatt Place and Hyatt House and I’ll be posting in the future on advancements coming down the pike there.

I had two stays at the Sheraton LAX Gateway recently, and it served to remind me that the legacy properties around LAX need some work.  So, I’m not only happy that my favorite chain is back in the market but with a brand new property.

The only downside I see (and it’s a really small one) is that the Sheraton is a decent walk from the airport.  It’s a good excuse to squeeze in 20 minutes of exercise instead of taking a cab or shuttle.  The Hyatt Place is on the other side of the runways from the terminal, so it’s a bit of a longer walk.  It looks like there are sidewalks on the route, so I’ll give it a try next time I’m there to see if it’s doable.


  1. Walking in LA?!? HAHAHAHAHA! Is that even legal?

    Will be nice to have a HY option by LAX. Though it takes away the excuse of making the trek to the Andaz West Hollywood 😉

  2. Walking would be pretty nuts. I work down the street from the new Hyatt Place. It’s roughly 3x longer than a walk from the Sheraton, and you’d have to walk the Sepulveda tunnel (under the runway), which is scary enough in a car. IIRC, there’s no barrier between you and the cars except a shallow curb, and lighting is minimal, though due to be enhanced. How dangerous? Apple Maps would send you through it.
    And don’t expect low rates like the Century Blvd properties. The area is full of Aerospace companies. I believe that’s the target audience, not LAX.

    1. Tim, I agree the property is certainly geared towards some of the business traffic in the area. And, with only 143 keys, it’s not necessarily a ton of rooms. A quick check of the rates comparing this property to Sheraton Gateway for a few random weekends in 2013 yielded lower rates for the Sheraton on all searches, but usually by a gap of less than $50 a night. I think at less than $50 a night, I’d select Hyatt Place. I had a less than desirable room the last couple times I stayed at the Sheraton Gateway, and I’d be inclined to fork over the extra coin for a new room.

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