A Very Important Meeting

A brief detour from points and miles and cool destinations.  But, worth a quick read and a smile.

I had a very important meeting today.  I don’t want to make my job sound more exciting then it really is.  Nothing I do is curing cancer or bringing about world peace.  I do travel a ton on a yearly basis, but this important meeting was in my home town.

At 10am this morning, I walked into my daughter’s first grade class.  I was scheduled to read a book to her class for story time.  Because of all my travel I miss my fair share of special activities at Catherine’s school.  So, when we were given an opportunity to sign up for activities at the beginning of the school year, I jumped at the opportunity and made sure to block the day off on my calendar.

We had narrowed down our list of books to choose from to 5 of Catherine’s favorites.  After a last-minute switch, we were committed to:

Important Meeting

Now, anyone who was a kid (heck, some of my readers still are kids) should know Harold and the Purple Crayon.  It was one of my favorites as a kid and my daughter loves them, too.  My daughter was thrilled to have me there reading it and even got to introduce me to her class.  I was just as thrilled.

I think I’ve told everyone I talked to today about my big meeting.  I don’t ever recall my parents having the opportunity to come into my classroom and spend time with me, so I’m pretty happy to have had the opportunity.  There are plenty of frustrating times as a parent, but you can’t help but love them when they’re this cute.

Important Meeting



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