American Airlines Offering Double Miles and EQMs Through The End Of The Year

I took a few days off from blogging, though not totally voluntarily.  Hurricane Sandy has affected millions of people, me included.  Our family has a house on the Jersey Shore and my father has been up there trying to figure out if it’s okay.  That involved a lot of phone calls and waiting, so blogging took a back seat for a few days.  Things are slowly getting back to normal for our family, though others are still significantly affected.  But, today seemed like a good day to get back on the horse and start talking points and miles again.

American Airlines has had it’s fair share of issues over the past couple of months.  Due to problems with their pilots AA suffered through an organized work slowdown, AA had massive cancellations as well as tons of delays.  They reached out to customers to apologize a little over a month ago.

And now, they’ve gone a lot further, offering double redeemable miles and EQMs through the rest of the year.

Double Miles

Registration is required, but it’s quick and easy.  Even if you’re not sure you’ll fly AA between now and the end of the year, it’s free to register so don’t forget.  And, if you’re close to a higher status level with AA, there’s never been a better time to bump up status. I wish they were doing this next year to make it easier for me to re-qualify, but double miles are still pretty darn good.

AA is, IMO, the best of the domestic legacy carriers at taking care of it’s elites.  I’ve been completely satisfied as an Executive Platinum for years.  All airlines have flaws and they all make plenty of mistakes.  But, AA does a much better job of fixing them.

You’ve got two months until the end of the year to book some flights and trade up!


  1. Yeah, but only gold I have flown American three more times since the Tokyo trip. Unfortunately, I can’t make it to FTU because I have a brief due on the 3rd.

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