TopGuest Slowly (Quickly) Becoming Less Valuable

I was pretty psyched when points first started posting from my TopGuest check-ins.  I had written about how easy it was to setup TopGuest to interact with FourSquare a few months ago.

Most of the reason why I signed up was to earn points for a potential repeat of the USAirways Grand Slam promo that I earned 100,000 miles from for virtually no money.  Shortly after I signed up, Comfort Inn points stopped posting and we learned they had withdrawn from the program.  No biggie, still plenty to feast on.

Then, some people reported that Hilton had stopped posting, although I hadn’t experienced this.  Then, a short time ago, mine stopped posting too, even though I was still getting positive messages from TopGuest (which really annoys me).

Some had reported United points had stopped posting, but I have yet to see this happen.

And today, Best Western announced that as of June 30th they will no longer participate.

Assuming United drops out, that just leaves Holiday Inn (and Wyndham, although I don’t end up near a Wyndham very often at all).

Like lots of things in the mileage-earning game, this opportunity appears to have come and gone.  I’ll be thankful for  the points I receive, and a little sorry to see it go.  While the points weren’t plentiful, they would likely add up to some easy Grand Slam hits.

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