An Update on My 5-Hour United 2 Broken Plane Delay

I recently (finally) heard from United on my 5-hour delay from 4 weeks ago.  In case you missed it, the original post is here.  It took about 3 weeks for United to reply to my e-mail.  This was a bit of a surprise as the phone times have gone back to normal post-merger.

I was offered $250 in compensation for my delay.  I’ve received more generous compensation prior to the March integration.  I asked some other veteran travelers and one confirmed that he had been hearing that compensation overall was less than what United used to give but more than Continental did.  So, this number seems to be the new normal.

It’s funny, because I feel like I should be more annoyed about the long wait for the lukewarm answer.  The reply was absolutely a canned response with no mention of any of the details of my concern.  It does mention they’re still receiving a large volume of e-mails which surprises me since it’s been 3 months since the conversion.  At any rate, I’ve started to amortize in a fair amount of dissatisfaction into my United experiences.  Kind of like McDonalds for me.  They get my order right about 70% of the time, but I still go back.

I’ll continue flying UA for flights that get me home to my family sooner but it’s unlikely I’ll choose them for routes where they have competition for roughly the same transit time.

Have you received compensation since the March 3rd integration?  What have your experiences been dealing with the new United on issues?

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  1. I’ll let you know what my comp is, and how long it takes for a response, once this trip to DXB is complete.

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