Priority Club 1000 Point Bonus: Early Sign-Up

Gary of View From the Wing wrote about a nice bonus offer coming up from Priority Club a couple days ago.  One of the interesting things about this promo (and something a bunch of programs are starting to do) is that Priority Club is leveraging social media to allow people to earn extra points and in theory build more loyalty through those channels.

My sister, who’s quickly learning her way through the mileage-earning ranks, dropped me a note this afternoon to let me know about the Facebook angle.  Essentially, if you “like” Priority Club on Facebook, you can register early to get an extra 2 weeks of earning the bonus.

Two cool things here.  Happy to see my sister getting in on the mileage gig.  And, interesting to see the programs finding different ways to engage customers.  This can only lead to more ways for us to earn miles and points!

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