Price of a Boeing 787 Dreamliner?

I don’t have an online source for this, as I read it in the hard copy of the most recent edition of Airports International.

Air India is trying to get someone to purchase the first 7 Boeing 787s it’s due to receive and lease them back to the airline.  This is a pretty typical thing in the airline industry.  What’s interesting to me is the purchase price they list in the RFP.

Boeing advertises a list price of just over $190MM for the 787.  But, airlines usually get a pretty steep discount, plus there are most likely incentives or penalties since Boeing is delivering the planes so late.  I’m not 100% sure any incentive or penalty based on the delay is rolled in here, but the price Air India is saying they’re paying Boeing is about $110MM a plane.

The order includes two extra engines, so not sure how that works into the price.  Engine manufacturers deeply discount their engines as well since they usually get all the parts orders for the life of the engine, which can be significant.

Not a ton of info, but it is interesting that Air India appears to be getting at least a 40% discount off of list.

ETA:  And, before the comments roll in, yes I know it’s a bit odd that I read a periodical called Airports International.

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