A Normal Day on AA

After a month of trips mostly on UA during their transition, I had two flights on AA yesterday.  I admit to being a bit biased, but what a contrast between the two.

Both of my flights today had Gogo internet.  In-flight internet really is the best thing to happen to air travel in a decade.  Maybe longer.

Orderly boarding process, no mistakes, no fighting with gate agents.  An actual blanket in first class.  Something must be wrong.

We landed in DFW 30 minutes early.  Well, not really.  They’ve increased the time block so much on some of the flights, you can’t help but land early.  In DFW, that usually means no gate available, but today we managed to hit the gate the full 30 minutes early.

A quick jaunt over from the A terminal to C, and I was on the standby list for an earlier flight.  This cured the only other potential downside to my day.  AA had monkeyed a bit with it’s schedules, meaning a 2 hour layover in DFW because my normal connection was just inside the 40-minute window now.  But, landing 30 minutes changed all that.

Not only did the gate agent get me on the earlier flight, but she handed me a boarding pass with a first class seat.  I get to my destination earlier, well-fed, rested and with plenty of work accomplished due to Gogo.

UA is making it a difficult proposition to fly IAD-DEN right now.  Combine all the integration issues with the fact that UA prices the flight at $500-$600 one-way where AA is offering me a seat for half that, and connecting isn’t such a bad thing when it works for my schedule.

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