Hey, United! What’s Up With The Blankets?

Those that know me well are aware of the fact that I can sleep on just about any airplane in just about any seat.  If I’m in first, I just throw a blanket over me and nod off.  It’s bad enough that United has “upgraded” their blankets to paper thin.  They’re so thin, I can read a newspaper through them.  Evidence:


You don’t need to look closely at the picture to see my daughter and the title of my blog.  This picture is taken THROUGH the United blanket without any flash or exceptional lighting, and without the camera pressed up against the blanket or the blanket pressed up against my computer screen.  Don’t worry, United.  I’ll return the blanket.  Wouldn’t want to impact the bottom line by another 9 cents.

Any way, over my last four flights the flight attendants have been pressed into a new role.  Blanket Nazis!  The standard for quite some time has been a blanket in the seat back pocket in front of you when sitting in coach (or on your seat if you’re in the bulkhead).  My last 4 flights, no blankets.  I requested a blanket on all 4 flights. Results:

Flight #1: No blankets

Flight #2: No blankets

Flight #3: Flight attendant gruffly told me she would see if she could fine one.  She said they didn’t have enough for everyone.  Mind you, I’m sitting in first.  After asking her 2 more times respectfully over the course of 30 minutes, I asked another flight attendant who went and found me one.

Flight #4: After requesting a blanket, received one about 15 minutes later.

Seriously?  How much money is this really saving?  They might be able to save a few cents if they remove the facial tissue from the bathrooms and only supply tissues upon request.

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