What’s On Your iPad?

Been a while since I talked about new apps.  I’m always curious to hear what people are downloading to their iPads.  New for me:

Scramble with Friends:  Quick and fun.  Like Boggle for those that remember it.  You can play networked games with other people, known and random.

Where’s My Water?:  Bit of a challenging game, definitely some thinking to do here.  Lots of levels.  Angry Birds and Cut the Rope fans will enjoy this.

American Airlines App:  At the higher end of travel apps produced by the programs I frequent.  They’ve made some improvements that make this much quicker to use than the website.

Milepoint: Of course.  Makes the site even easier to access from anywhere.  iPhone app works well, too.

ETA: Almost forgot.  New song, “Here I Go Again” by Audra Mae.  Okay, not new.  It’s an old Whitesnake remake.  But, a pretty good song, as featured in the tv show The Good Wife.

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