Southwest Chooses To Kick The Can Down The Road on A New Reservation System

According to this article, Southwest has chosen to extend their contract with SABRE for another few years.

On it’s face, this isn’t really a big deal.  And, with their acquisition of AirTran, it’s not surprising that they’re not going to rebuild their reservation system.

And, while this isn’t a big deal, I do have a small issue with the current Southwest reservation system.  I use a couple of tools that search for fares across multiple airlines.  Because of how Southwest chooses to distribute their fares, they don’t appear alongside everyone else’s prices.  Not a huge deal, since I don’t fly Southwest.  But, when I’m trying to find the cheapest fare for someone, Southwest is a viable alternative.

So is AirTran.  AirTran is still currently displayed alongside those other airfares, and I hope that doesn’t change.  It remains to be seen how that will all come together as Southwest continues the integration.

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