NCAA Tournament Thoughts Reprised

Checking back in on my original comments about the NCAA tournament field.  I said:

Michigan State would win at least a couple of games, and be a sleeper for the Final Four.  With Kalin Lucas gone.  This puts a serious dent in my sleeper prediction here.

Tennessee would go deep in the tournament.  This also seems to be true.  They won their first two games, and now face a tough matchup against Ohio State.  I think they have a decent, if not great, chance.

I predicted K-State would be the first #2 seed out.  Well, Villanova took that honor, so I’ve underestimated the Wildcats.

I said Pitt was weak, but New Mexico would be first 3 seed out.  Georgetown took care of making me wrong on this one, but Pitt followed shortly behind.

I said Florida and Texas would lose.  Check.  Check.

Cornell and Clemson looked strong to me, but I thought they both got screwed on their draw.  Cornell stepped up to the challenge, Clemson did not.  Cornell beat two tough teams, but the road probably ends with Kentucky.  Okay, definitely.

I said I had no idea what to think of Notre Dame, Villanova, and Xavier.  ND and Villanova got beat very early, which doesn’t necessarily surprise me.  Xavier put up two impressive wins.

West Virginia cruised to two wins.  Even though I hate Huggins, they looked good.

Lastly, I said Louisville was unimpressive.  Cal blew them out.  Then, Duke blew out Cal.  ‘Nuff said.

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