Survivor : Heroes & Villains (Greatest Turn of the Tide Ever)

Survivor has put together the best cast of players since Michelle and I started watching ten years ago.  They’ve got all the greatest players back in the game, separated into two teams, Heroes and Villains.

Russell was on the most recent season, and turned into the greatest villain in the game, rivaling gay Richard from the first season.

Russell alienated Boston Rob, which essentially sealed his fate in the game.  The odds were stacked completely against Russell.  He had only 2 allies on his team of 9 players.  Boston Rob told him he was going home.  Rob knew Russell had a hidden immunity idol, so he set up the perfect scenario to get rid of him.  Rob’s alliance would split their votes.  3 for Russell, 3 for Parvati(Russell’s alliance).  That way, whichever one didn’t have the idol would go home.

But, Russell worked his magic on one of the most vain and stupid players in survivor history, Tyson.  Tyson hated Parvati so much, he was happy to go along with Russell’s plan to vote for her, sending her home.

At tribal council, Russell ALMOST hands Jeff the hidden immunity idol, but instead gives it to Parvati.  Parvati gets 4 votes in tribal council, Russell gets 2 (instead of Rob’s plan of 3 and 3 because of Tyson’s stupidity).  The 3 members of Russell’s alliance vote for Tyson, who sends himself home.


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